When I agreed to do a weekly GIF roundup every week, I was thinking there was absolutely no way I could do this EVERY week. With the amount of games in a season, the time it takes to make GIFs, and general fatigue (even though I didn’t play in the World GIFing Classic this year, I’m still pooped), I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do this consistently.

Here we are, recapping Week 26 of Giants baseball and I only missed the one week I was “on assignment” in New York City (ironically, I was watching Giants baseball there too). I may not have Hunter Pence’s stamina, but I’m pretty proud of myself for making it all the way through a not-so-great season and still finding stuff to GIF. This is a huge testament to the players themselves for being highly entertaining, even when the chips were down. Also, a shoutout to those of you who tweet me moments I’ve missed when I’m at the ballpark so I can keep up with this column week to week. You can’t GIF alone, they say. Actually, not sure anyone has ever said that. Still, thank you all for reading and contributing throughout the season. It’s been fun.

I actually have a few more “Best Of” GIF posts for the season, some video ideas, and other fun pieces to recap the season up in my old noggin, so stay tuned. And without further adieu, let’s get to the last GIF roundup of the regular season.

#5 Timmy hugs it out 

With Tim Lincecum’s status with the Giants hanging in the balance, his last start was an emotional one for Giants fans. This little moment under the dugout with his teammates was also pretty great. Seems like they love him as much as the fans do.

#4 Marco Scutaro is a total weirdo 

And we love him for it. He’s clearly not going to let a mallet finger keep him down. No siree. Look at him do … this? Not sure what “this” is but some fans on Twitter think he may be impersonating Brian Wilson’s moment with Larry Baer.

#3 Angel Pagan channels Bruce Bochy

Turns out Angel Pagan is pretty weird too (in a great way). Here he is jokingly giving signs to the base runners. Never change, Angel.

#2 Barry Zito gets his curtain call 

The only time when I have felt like a GIF hasn’t served it’s purpose is in the next GIF — I wish there was sound so you guys could hear the thunderous “Barry!” chants in the stadium. It was enough to make a grown (wo)man cry. Actually, the GIF is making me tear up at this very moment so never mind. We’ll miss you Barry. You’re a class act.

#1 Hunter Pence wins the Willie Mac 

Pence is always a GIFable individual, but this week especially. I was debating between this totally awkward celebration jump and the GIF below, but ultimately went with the one that made me smile from ear to ear. Here are the guys in the dugout celebrating Hunter Pence in a classic fashion that you MAY recognize from last year’s postseason:

I’m pretty much all cried out over baseball this week. With Zito, Lincecum, and Hunter Pence’s speech, I really need to recharge the emotional batteries by watching some postseason baseball that I have no vested interest in.

Keep an eye out for some other recap-type pieces in the next few weeks. And hey, thanks so much for reading this silly column every week. You guys are the best.