One week. Seven days. Only one win. Yeah, that’s real talk right there. The Giants are in fourth place, only one game ahead of the evil Dodgers.

This week was really terrible. Really terrible.


On Sunday the Giants won! Finally! And just in time for a happy flight to Cincinnati. Glad the momentum has started to shift BEFORE their matchup with the Reds, because we all know how hostile the territory can be over there …

Let’s get to this week GIFs. Regardless of how inconsistent this team can be, they always seem to deliver week after week with some fabulous GIF content.

5.  Sad Yasiel Puig

I feel like we don’t get a lot of opportunities to laugh at MLB’s Golden Child, but thank goodness he gave a chance see his non-perfect side during this play. Here’s his sad face after the play:

4. Eavesdropping Panda

Pablo Sandoval is not what I would describe as “stealth,” but God bless him for trying to sneakily eavesdrop on this conversation:

3. Madison Bumgarner Grooms Himself 

I’m guessing Big Country doesn’t spend too much time on his looks (strikes me as a low-maintenance type guy) but I guess he was feeling particularly vain because he spent a considerable amount of time fluffing his hair in the dugout:

2. Timmy Stretches 

People blaming all the injuries on the Giants’ lack of stretching are clearly very wrong. Because here is evidence of Tim Lincecum stretching his … groin area. He does it so enthusiastically that Chad Gaudin checks in to make sure he’s okay:

1. Andres Torres Reinstated into Outfield Celebration Jump

We won! And it seems that Andres Torres, notorious foot trampler, has been reinstated into the outfield celebration jump. Thank goodness. I was genuinely concerned we’d never see another one again..

And with that, GOODBYE JUNE. You were the worst. Get out of here. Can’t you see you’re not wanted?