I’ve done 10 GIF roundups this season. That means we’ve had 10 weeks of baseball. Seems like just yesterday I was longing for spring training to start so I could have something to talk about on Twitter.

This week we celebrated the world’s shortest homestand with the Blue Jays (booo Melky Cabrera, etc) and then jetted off to Arizona where we talked a lot about how hot it was, Paul Goldschmidt, and discussed the benefits of opening or closing the roof.

Again, no shortage for GIF footage. Enjoy!

5. Mark Gardner raises the roof

Major h/t to @LOLKNBRCallers for spotting this moment. Not sure what exactly could have actually been happening so as far as I’m concerned, Mark Gardner is just raising the roof while Sergio Romo warms up

4. Tim Lincecum

Timmy had a fairly strong outing this week. But more importantly, we saw flashes of the what a truly stoked Lincecum looks like. And in case you missed it, it looks like this:

3. Diamondback fans are not cool 

They aren’t as bad as Dodgers fans, but they do weird things like play cards on the top of the dugout, hold up really large dogs, or this:

I hate that guy. I really do.

2. Rookies in the outfield 

Gotta love that Juan Perez came out guns blazing for his first major league start — he made the this amazing catch … which also contributed to an amazing Andres Torres reaction:

1. Buster Posey and Cody Ross – REUNITED 

We watched these two guys every day in the 2010 postseason. But this is one of my favorite moments of Cody and Buster together. Simple, yet awesome, as they watch Cody’s popup with interest:

Can’t wait for this week – road trips are always gold for GIFs.

See ya next week!