Ah, the dreaded road trip. I feel like we’ve been anticipating this since the beginning of May so it’s nice that we were able to get out of it with a 4-5 record.

We saw the Pirates and the Braves — both equally annoying in their own way. The Pirates game came highly anticipated because of Gerrit Cole’s first Major League start, followed by what we will now refer to as “Scutaro Mallet Finger-Gate. I spent a lot of that series worried that the Pirates would plunk Buster Posey in the head in retaliation for George Kontos throwing at Andrew McCutchen. Thankfully, the Pirates were kind enough to let it go. George Kontos however, was sent to Triple-A on his birthday. Giants seem to have a knack for bad birthday gifts (ahem, Brandon Belt *cough cough*).

Then we went to Atlanta and literally all I came out of that series with is “OMG I HATE THE CHOP. THAT CHANT IS STUCK IN MY HEAD FOR ALL OF TIME”. (Editor’s note: I agree completely.) That HAS to be one of the most annoying traditions among any Major League team, right? I wonder if the Braves players hate it as much as everyone else does.

In any case, regardless of Mallet finger, the Chop, Angel Pagan and Pablo Sandoval remaining on the DL, and Andres Torres bumbling around in the outfield, we still have some great GIFs for you this week.

5. Slow-motion Javier Lopez

Ladies, don’t get too excited. SFG Productions release a short with shots all filmed with a slow-motion camera. The results were perfect for creating GIFs. This one was my favorite. Slow-motion harassment via sunflower seeds. YES!

4. Upton Family First Pitch

Not necessarily a Giants GIF, but in honor of the Dads out there, here’s a pretty adorable first pitch including the Upton brothers, their father, and BJ’s 3-year old son. So cute.

3. New Kid on the Block 

I think Juan Perez is just trying to fit in. Which explains why he figured he needed a little celebratory hand signal when he got on base. Angel, Pablo, Blanco — all the big dogs have it. So why shouldn’t he? Well, I think he may need to think of something else, because this one doesn’t really translate …

More on Perez trying to fit in later..

2. Jeremy Affeldt Bullpen Activities 

Here is Affeldt staying loose in the bullpen. I think he is lightly spanking that baseball. In case you didn’t know, that’s how a lot of big league pitchers hone their pitch grips.

1. Celebration Jump - Temporarily Canceled 

To the dismay of newbie Juan Perez, the celebration jump has been temporarily shelved. Per Alex Pavlovic, it’s because Andres Torres can’t stop stepping on the feet of the other outfielders. Check out this GIF of Juan Perez being denied of this outfielder ritual here.

In the meantime, Gregor Blanco found a workaround solution that looks relatively safe. Do the jump solo:

With all the injuries going around, this isn’t a bad idea..

Week long homestand coming up so next week’s roundup will have beautiful AT&T Park as the backdrop.

See ya then!