Yay! The homestand we’ve all been waiting for. We play MUCH better at home right? Also, Padres and Marlins? Ain’t no thang.

Oh, wait. The red-hot Padres who were coming into San Francisco after winning six in a row. At least the stinky Marlins, who have the worst record in the league, should be easy to beat … right? Except we hadn’t won a game against them until yesterday since July 2010. Yeah, as in two whole years ago.

Needless to say this homestand did not prove to be as simple as we originally thought. Regardless of win. lose, or draw, we always find some good GIFs.

5. This is normal

Just another day at the ballpark.

4. Hunter Pence Gangles Through Another Catch

Hunter Pence singlehandedly saved Saturday’s game and helped the Giants break the streak against the mighty Marlins. Here’s the stellar play. My only regret is he didn’t create and replace a divot.

3. Fired Up Buster Posey

Emotions. Buster Posey. All the makings of a wonderful GIF.

2. “Lets Go!” 

Madison Bumgarner has definitely lost his mind before in the minor leagues, but we hadn’t seen that play out in the big leagues. In other words, it was only a matter of time before we saw him go nuts. And it was incredibly rewarding. Watching him yell, “Let’s go. Let’s go!” to Guzman made my week:

1. Romo-Bomb

Are you surprised? This Romo-bomb was particularly awesome because it included props. We haven’t seen props before!

Can’t wait for this week, particularly because we play LA. My only regret is that Shane Victorino will not be there to be derpy.