What a weird week. The Mets came into town, and we officially hit rock bottom. I’m pretty sure we now know that rock bottom involves appendicitis and lewdness/gurneys.

San Diego was different. We began hitting! Scoring runs! Winning! More than ONE game in a row!

And then the Timmy no-hitter happened and we completely erased any vestiges of negativity. It was a love fest all over Twitter, the media, and on the field. And I gotta say, that was the best thing possible for this club heading into the All-Star break. MomenTIM.

This roundup will include non-no-hitter GIFs. I already posted a Special Edition No-Hitter GIF article and you can read that here. This will be just regular ol’ baseball games the Giants played in the last week. Kinda feels less fulfilling, doesn’t it?

Rest assured, there was still plenty of material to work with…

#5 Spongebob gets helped down the stairs

Okay I know I said no no-hitter GIFs, but since this one didn’t make the cut, I wanted to make sure we gave credit to Sad Spongebob being helped down the stairs. This makes me laugh, but it is also very pathetic. Poor guy.

#4 Tim Lincecum has weird cheering techniques

Surprisingly, this is not from the No-No. This is just plain old Big Time Timmy Jim cheering on his teammates. I’m not exactly sure what he’s doing here, but I dig it.

#3 Brandon Belt refuses to high five 

I sure have heard a lot about Brandon Belt’s body language lately. I’m okay with his slumpy shoulders and general awkwardness, but this blatant attempt at avoiding any high fives is concerning:

#2 Tanaka-san 

I’m not sure why they started bowing to Tanaka, but we saw plenty of it with the newbie tearing it up both offensively and defensively. Here’s my favorite – Pablo and Tanaka sharing a celebratory bow.

#1 Andres Torres confuses Buster Posey 

We all know Andres Torres loves to talk and is super friendly, but he looks to have baffled Buster Posey. Any thought as to what he might be saying to Buster here? Posey looks thoroughly confused.

That’s it dudes! All-Star break is coming up this week so not sure there will be a roundup next week but I’ll try.

In the meantime, keep reading, we should have some good ASG coverage here, as well as a few contest posts!