Perfectly mediocre. Numbing acceptance. Mutual acceptance.

These are all things I felt this week watching the Giants play. I think we’ve inched our way out of #RockBottom but feels like we’re using a thimble to dig a hole to China. In other words, this is gonna take forever and I’m not entirely sure we’ll ever get there.

The Giants finished this road trip with .500 record taking the Phillies series but falling short in Tampa Bay. Not great. Not horrible. Just enough to be both frustrating but also provide a smidgen of hope. If this was a relationship my friend was having with someone, I would tell that friend to get out now before they get hurt.

Easier said than done, I know.

As always, regardless of how the Giants are playing, they never fail to amuse me in ways that I can capture via GIFs.

#5 Tim Lincecum + Sunflower = GIF Magic 

Of all the props that are in the dugout, Tim Lincecum finds the most comedy with sunflower seeds. Nothing will top this moment  (like, literally, nothing will ever top it) but I did enjoy how intently he searched for the perfect sunflower seed in the shirt-bowl he constructed for his snack:

PS. Timmy isn’t the only Giant who enjoys his seeds.

#4 Gregor Blanco is clumsy 

As you guys know, I love when people fall down (even myself — it’s hilarious!) but Gregor Blanco might take the cake this season for the most embarrassing fall. This one in particular had all the elements on the “Amazing Fall Checklist”:

– Did you fall all the way down to the ground, like, on all fours?

– Did you trip over nothing?

– Did you do it in a highly visible area, where everyone can laugh and point?

– Was it broadcast on TV?

Gregor Blanco, you get an A+ for fulfilling all the requirements:

#3 Jeff Francoeur and Matt Cain are in an unhappy relationship 

Or so it seems. This looks like a bored, over-it boyfriend (Matt Cain) watching football while the girlfriend (Jeff Francoeur) tries to look interested and hot to keep his attention. I love it so much.

#2 Tim Lincecum thought it was gone 

There were SO many Timmy GIFs this week. I’ll hand it to him, no matter how bad or good things are going in his career, he always finds a way to keep things lighthearted. I could have picked this GIF or this GIF, but instead I went with the one below which shows Timmy’s reaction to a ball that was caught on the warning track. Doesn’t take a lip-reader to figure out what he said.

#1 The Philly Phanatic is the best mascot ever 

I mean, I love Lou Seal but there is no competition when you realize how hilarious and crazy the Philly Phanatic is. He is an O.G. mascot and has his routine and shtick down perfectly. Everything he does is hilarious, including this moment when the Giants bullpen tried to steal his ATV:

Fiesta de Amici’s

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You probably noticed there were five great GIFs this week. Carmen ranked them, but you may not agree with the rankings (no offense to Carmen’s ranking system, but they’re all pretty spectacular and everyone has an opinion).

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Carmen has been nice enough to put together the top GIFs every single week of the season, which throughout the last couple months have provided some much-needed levity during what at times has been a frustrating season. Even for a team that has experienced more success than anyone could’ve imagined over the past few years, it’s been tough to find reasons to smile about the Giants lately and these GIFs have really helped in that capacity.

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