You know, I’m starting to think the Giants aren’t going to make the postseason. I can’t tell exactly why that is, but I think it has to do with the fact that they can’t score runs or something. I dunno. I’ll get back to you when I figure it out.

While my playoff dreams have been dashed, all I really want at this point is to watch some entertaining baseball and maybe see the Brandons become superstars. Oh, and I wouldn’t mind it if the Dodgers spontaneously combusted and if Twitter could create a filter for the word “Dodgers” so I don’t have to listen to the entire world talk about how amazing they are. Is that too much to ask?

Somehow, there were a ton of good GIFs this week to share. It was hard to narrow this list down, but I think I the Top 5 GIFs will make you feel better about the otherwise “ehhhhh” week the Giants had.

#5 Hunter Pence gets super excited 

Hunter Pence doesn’t really mask his emotions (I don’t think the humans who found him on that spaceship have taught him how yet), and I’m glad he doesn’t. Here he is getting super excited with Bill Hayes:

I also enjoyed Gregor Blanco bouncing around in the background.

#4 Baby Giraffe 

Brandon Belt is on a tear with his bat and this … thing … showed up to support him. Creepy or awesome?

Also, what is that beard on the man next to the giraffe? What is it? Please explain.

#3 Brandon Crawford gets “handsy” 

I don’t know why he did it, but Crawford clearly grabs Yuniesky Betancourt’s package as he rounds the bag. I have no additional commentary to add here.

#2 Matt Cain and a small child 

This is just straight up adorable. I appreciate the small child giving Matt Cain the thumbs up. If you haven’t melted into a puddle, then something may be wrong with that artery that controls your feelings.

#1 Intentional Pitch = Wild Pitch 

This is one of my favorite GIFs this season. Here’s an intentional walk that somehow turned into a wild pitch. Believe it or not, the error was NOT committed by the Giants (somehow):

Hope this helped brighten your mood after getting pummeled by the Orioles yesterday. If not, that’s totally insane!!!

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