Sunday marked the end of a 10-game homestand that actually went by pretty quickly. We played two east coast teams that had the potential to stifle the Giants after a fun sweep of the Dodgers. At first, it did seem like the they would get the best of us – the Phillies came in and won the first two … and then just like that, the Giants rallied and refused to be swept. As for Atlanta, well, it was part offensive explosion, part Braves implosion.

As always, I’m here to lend my “expertise” to find the best Giants GIFs this week. Sadly, I probably could have just had 5 GIFs of fans interfering with a ball in play but decided to spare everyone. On that note, here are the GIFs.

5. Hunter Pence gets a hit, falls down 

I’m a child, so people falling down makes me laugh. And yeah, I laugh at myself when I fall down (which is a lot). So seeing Hunter Pence’s lanky, gangly body trip over nothing was pretty amazing:

4. Kevin Frandsen’s return to San Francisco

I actually love Kevin Frandsen and didn’t  think we got to see enough of him. Thankfully, he was able to do something entertaining in the one game we saw him start. Yup. Another GIF of someone falling down. 

3. Foolish fan

I’ve seriously had enough with fans interfering with the ball. Seriously. I will buy you one. Please just don’t touch that ball in play.

But if you’re gonna go down, you might as well have your pants fall off. And then throw the ball back onto the field like you never did it. Like this guy:

2. Jon Miller’s head falls off

Saturday’s Promo Giveaway items were bottle stoppers with our beloved announcers upper bodies on them. They were pretty cool. Jon Miller tried to show his off in the post game wrap and lost his head. Literally.

1. Amazing BARVES defense

Infinite. INFINITE choices for Braves Defense GIF of the week. But I chose this one because it reminded me of the GIF I posted last week of Parra not getting up from his failed sliding catch. In this case, Ramiro Pena did make an effort to make the play.. he just failed miserably:

There were so so so many more but I’m really trying to keep these down to five GIFs every week. I know. It’s hard to do when the Giants outscore the Braves 26-10 in a four-game series, but I somehow made it work.

See you back here in a week, when the Giants get back from Colorado and will be getting ready for a new homestand against the Washington Nationals. Here’s a bit of advice for fans planning on attending those games, courtesy of Alex Pavlovic