This was actually alright. I feel like the Giants are starting to play better ball now that the pressure of “being good” has been lifted. I understand the irony of that sentence, by the way.

My favorite part of the week was the shrimp walk-off. Sure, it wasn’t an inside the park home run, but it feels like infinity light years since we’ve seen a walk-off. Plus it perfectly captured the Giants’ 2013 season — weird. Super weird. Nothing about this season has been typical, from the good to the bad. But I’d rather see “Weird/weeee/fun!” baseball than “Weird/barfs!” baseball.

Plenty of great GIFs this week — check em out:

5. New Handshake Alert

This one by Marco Scutaro and Sergio Romo is pretty great. The best part about these bizarre handshakes are how normal the Giants act as they’re doing them. Hey guys, it’s not normal to have 18 elaborate handshakes with every single one of your friends. Not normal, but keep doing it because they are a GIF-maker’s dream.

4. Tim Lincecum reacts to a win

I love this Timmy reaction to the walk-off walk: hands up in disbelief, followed by a sarcastic fist pump. That’s exactly how I felt too.

3. David Ortiz and Marco Scutaro have beef 

Just kidding. I can’t imagine someone not liking Marco Scutaro. He seems to have a reputation around the league as being a hilarious and fun guy to be around. His former teammate, David Ortiz, pretends to show some animosity towards Scoots but it’s clear from both their faces that they are buddies:

2. Jeremy Affeldt almost gets into another freak accident

This moment reminded me of the NLDS where a foul ball knocked him down the dugout stairs, but leave it to Jeremy Affeldt to almost get hurt while still on the DL. Seriously, the guy is accident prone. Also, his face and reaction = +1,000,000 points.

PS. Several great GIFs came from Brett Pill almost killing the entire dugout, including THIS and THIS.

1. Pablo and Hunter Salsa Dance 

Best. GIF. EVER. This one has to be tagged with #DVRGIF since I didn’t grab the footage online (excuse the quality) but here’s Hunter Pence and Pablo Sandoval doing a little salsa dance with each other. To be honest, I don’t care if we keep losing games, as long as I can see weird stuff like this happens as much as possible:

Because we have a five GIF per page rule, I couldn’t include a lot of good ones this week, but I urge you to click on this one, which is the best costume I saw on Dog Day on Sunday.