Week 23. Can you believe we only have a few more of these roundups left for the season? As terrible as 2013 has been, I’ll really miss this stinking team. Love seeing them play and man, do they ever deliver on the GIF front. I’ll have to resort to GIFing OTHER TEAMS at the end of September. Awful.

I know football started this week, so hopefully the Top 5 helps you catch up on some of the lighter moments this week for the Giants.

5. Heath Hembree mini-strut

Heath Hembree made his rookie debut this week. And I want to watch him pitch every day. Every day, always, forever. The irony of Mike Murphy giving Hembree No. 38 is not lost on me. Hembree has the goods to back up the notorious number, and he even has a little bit of the swagger. Check out this mini-strut after this strike out:

Javier Lopez/Heath Hembree strut-off. Please.

4. Juan Perez makes an incredible catch 

Perez made an amazing catch during Yusmeiro Petit’s almost perfect game — because behind every pitcher’s milestone is a important and dramatic catch. Gregor Blanco dove for Matt Cain. Hunter Pence had Tim Lincecum’s back. And Juan Perez made this catch for Yusmeiro Petit after coming in as a defensive replacement at the beginning of the sixth inning:

3. Angel Pagan Walks Off

Doesn’t that have a nice ring to it? Angel Pagan seems to have a knack for the dramatic and his teammates love it. Here they are messing with his hair and tickling him:

Some juxtaposition can be found here where they are gently  throwing him to the ground and then punching him.

2. Dugout Reaction to Eric Chavez’s hit

That sucked (PS. Everyone hates you, Eric Chavez) but the dugout reaction so over the top that it was actually kind of funny:

I can’t decide who has the best reaction here …

1. Yusmeiro Petit throws first career complete game

Despite the fact that his perfecto got spoiled in the ninth with two outs, Petit still looks elated when the last out was recorded. Absolutely adore this reaction. Looks like he is a “glass half full” type of guy.

Not a bad week for Giants baseball — an almost perfecto, a long-anticipated debut from Heath Hembree, and a walk-off win. Not bad at all.