The Giants won TWO series this week. TWO. They scored 19 runs in ONE night. Against the DODGERS. These are all real things I’m saying. And how’s this for real? As I’m typing this, the Giants are in sole possession of third place. Bye cellar! (For now.)

The Giants have proven two things to me this week:

1) The Giants are still a good team … at least within the NL West, where the standings are as follows:

  • SF: 40-30
  • COL: 35-35
  • LA: 31-32
  • AZ: 31-34
  • SD: 30-36

Seems like fake, but I swear, it’s real.

2) The 2013 Giants are the Brandon Belt of baseball. Only playing well when it doesn’t matter. SMH.

I have enough GIFs from this week from just the Saturday night game with the Dodgers, but I’ll sprinkle some highlights from a few other games as well:

#5 Brandon Belt Walks-Off

Walk-off wins are back! YAY! Joy has returned to San Francisco. He made Hunter Pence and Angel Pagan so happy that they tried to tickle him and tear off his shirt. A totally normal reaction to being happy.

#4 Hector Sanchez gets hands on

Not behind the plate. In the dugout. He seems to have a penchant for hair twirling and here we get to see this new fetish demonstrated on Moscoso. Bonus points for Ehire Adrianza’s expression in the background.

#3 Tim Lincecum wants lots of high fives

Tim Lincecum requested several high fives from Angel Pagan but unfortunately was denied. I did like his persistent effort though. He gave it a very strong effort before giving up.

#2 Hunter Pence hits a home run.. but doesn’t know it

Here is a huge difference between Yasiel Puig and Hunter Pence. Yasiel Puig hits a single and flips his bat. Hunter Pence hits a home run and thinks it’s a ground rule double. I love the backtracking and confusion before Pence finally trotted towards home.

Not sure if he wants to add this to his “Dig Me” reel but Hunter Pence is crazy locked in right now.

#1 Tommy Lasorda falls asleep at a Dodgers game 

In fact, he did it in mid-nose scratch. As a Giants OR Dodger fan, I’d imagine you’d find this humorous. Oh man. I really don’t wanna get old. Am I gonna fall asleep in the middle of making a GIF?

BONUS GIF: Madison Bumgarner and Clayton Kershaw paling around. This is the best.

New York City coming up! I’m actually “going on assignment” over there so GIFs may be more scarce (or non existent, depending on how much fun I’m having) but I’m really looking forward to seeing the Giants go into the Big Apple with a full head of steam.



Editor’s note: Pence is going crazy (six home runs and 19 RBIs over the last six games) and putting together some pretty impressive numbers this season (25 HR, 21 SB, .295 AVG, .845 OPS). That, along with the news that he’s already in negotiations with the Giants on an extension, tells me it’s not IF he re-signs with the Giants, but WHEN.

Pence is known for eating bowls full of kale, but today you can win a large pizza from Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria for letting us know how long you’d like the Giants to keep Mr. Paleo around (let’s assume he’ll be getting something in the $15 milion per year range).

A. No longer than three years — if he wants more, let him walk.

B. A four-year deal would be fine.

C. The guy keeps himself in phenomenal shape and power hitters (especially ones who want to play in San Francisco) are hard to find. A five-year deal would be okay in this case.

D. Other (this is the option to choose if you don’t want Pence back for whatever reason or you’re feeling super generous and want to give him a six-year deal)

We’ll pick a winner on Wednesday …