This week was awesome. It was so so so so awesome. It is literally the opposite of last week, where I was crying in the bathtub while listening to Coldplay because we kept losing due to silly errors.

This week was sweeping Arizona, sweeping LA, and me dancing to the theme song from “Girls” excitedly because, hey, WE’RE IN FIRST PLACE (for now).

Two much awesome for Top 5. You guys are getting Top 7 this week. Because, WINNING.

7. It ain’t easy being an ump

My first baseball rap single, dropping never. Or what happened here … ouch:

6. Bat flips and drops

I love a home run bat flip … unless of course it’s delivered from the opposing team. If it’s because we’re hitting bombs, then by all means, bring it on!

Here’s a massive one from Pablo Sandoval. Oh, it’s so pretty.

Here’s a much more toned down version with a bat drop from Brandon Belt, who was extremely clutch this last week:

5. Joe West-ing 

Oh man. Joe West. Starring Joe West. Directed by Joe West. He  told Nick Punto to take a hike with two flicks of his finger. That’s downright cold.

4. Quiroz. Guillermo Quiroz.

Quiroz brought a smile to everyone’s faces on Saturday night with his walk-off home run. He made no effort to conceal his overwhelming happiness. Count the fist pumps. There are so many.

I also love how Scutaro met him as he rounded third to help lead him into the dog pile.

And the guys made every effort to tear off Quiroz’s shirt for the festivities. Scutaro seems to be the main culprit:

3. Juxtaposition

Two baseball GIFs enter. One GIF leaves. Which one wins?


ESPN wanted to showcase Hunter Pence and his love of scooters, and the star of the best drinking game ever was there to investigate. Shout out to @LOLKNBRCallers:

1. Gerardo Parra plays dead 

This has been my biggest laugh of the season so far. It made me laugh for longer and harder than the Jean Machi fart GIF, which is A LOT. Parra not only missed this catch but he took his sweet time getting up. Actually, I’m not sure he ever got up. Should someone check on him?

That’s it for Week 5. I’m sure I missed some awesome GIFs while doing this roundup, but there were just too many “moments” without making your computer explode from GIF-lengthened load times.

Speaking of, if you ever see any good footage that you think would make a good GIF, feel free to reach out to me on twitter: @carmenkiew. I can always use another set of eyes!

Until next week!