Gross. This week was SO gross. Worst road trip ever.

It started in Canada where the Blue Jays, led by fearless leader Melky Cabrera, trolled the Giants for all they were worth. Sounds terrible, eh? I was so happy when the Giants got oot of there. Get it? Canadian accents.

Then we went to Colorado where I was like, “Okay, we got this.” Nope. We won one game. And even that wasn’t pretty. It was more errors, sloppy baseball, and lots of “womp womps”.

I managed to scrape some GIFs out of the garbage heap, so it wasn’t all for naught.

5. Angel Pagan doesn’t make the play

Well, what do you know? Angel Pagan slides to make a catch and MISSES! It’s like the opposite of what usually happens. According to fundamental baseball, you’re supposed to watch the ball into the glove, not do this:

4. Tim Lincecum falls down for absolutely no reason

Just another day.

3. Gregor Blanco’s leprechaun leap

Blanco is one of our more nimble players, but it was still pretty amazing how high he went to to avoid getting called for runner’s interference. If we photoshopped a pot of gold underneath him and dressed him in green, this would be perfect for St Patty’s day:

2. Bruce Bochy wears tall socks

In an (failed) effort to rally, the team wore tall socks on Sunday. Didn’t work, but it was still pretty amusing to see Bruce Bochy rocking them.

Note: I made a little video that I thought went along well with the GIF (music H/T to @GiantsPod

1. A sense of humor is important in barfy weeks

Which is what Hunter Pence and Marco Scutaro figured out while they did this… not sure exactly what they are doing, but I like it:

There you have it, the best GIFs of Week 7. Now I’m going to wipe all evidence of that horrible week off my hard drive.