sharknadoFor those of you who missed it, the SyFy Channel’s made-for-TV movie “Sharknado” took the internet by storm last night. If you haven’t heard of it, or haven’t watched it yet (I was covering the Giants game, but it’s waiting for me on my DVR), here’s a brief synopsis:

A giant storm sucks sharks out of the Pacific Ocean and unleashes them on Los Angeles. These normally-seaborne creatures are now flying menaces of gore, killing everything in sight. It stars Tara Reid, but unfortunately Yasiel Puig doesn’t make an appearance.

It was kind of a big deal on Twitter last night. Those of us browsing the social media forum got hit with two waves of Sharknado — once at 6 PM when the East-Coasters were watching it and again at 9 when those of us on the West Coast got a chance to see this masterpiece. I only caught a piece of it, but the five minutes I did watch were glorious.

Anyway, ESPN’s Twitter account decided to make a horrible joke this morning regarding the movie:

This is one of the most half-baked attempts at humor I’ve seen on Twitter, and that’s saying a lot. Either way, the Sharks weren’t impressed and it didn’t take long to fire back.

sharks response 1

Excuse me while I stand and applaud wildly for this. Whoever runs the Sharks’ social media is usually pretty tame. They’re certainly not like the Los Angeles Kings Twitter handle, known for making things entertaining by throwing offhand shots at opposing teams and letting no-name comedians make rape jokes on the account during playoff games.

But this is just fantastic. The sports-media conglomerate notorious for completely ignoring hockey decides to tweet out a pun that a fifth grader would be mocked for manifesting. What’s worse, they make it about a team in sport they blatantly diminish. ESPN walked right into this one, and now they’ll have to wear it.

The Sharks’ response went completely viral with several thousand retweets and even earned a post on Awful Announcing.

It didn’t get missed by some other teams in the NHL either.

red wings response

stars response