The internet is an awesome place. Had Sandy Alderson, GM of the NY Mets, said this in the regular media, there would probably be a nice fine waiting for him when he was done speaking. However, because he said it on twitter, it is now just a very candid moment in which a GM expressed what he actually thought about the crazy way that All-Stars are selected for a game that supposedly means something.

The Guy already went over his thoughts on the Giants fan’s huge turnout at the digital ballot box, but this seems like a good opportunity to go over it again. For the longest time, the Giants punched below their weight, sending fewer guys than were actually deserving. Last year, they had the benefit of Bochy picking reserves, and now, the team put a great deal of effort in getting guys into the game via fan voting (I know I got several emails encouraging me to vote), so I am okay with being over represented for a few years.

The Giants paid their dues and now get to reap the benefits of a World Series and a first place team. I will not apologize for that. Was Pablo Sandoval more deserving than David Wright? No, he wasn’t. Was he at least in the conversation as one of the better third basemen? Yes.

The Giants better mobilized their fans to get their guys into the game. When you consider that New York has a population advantage of 22 million (compared to SF’s 7 million), the fact that the guy with the built in advantage is complaining is pretty laughable.

It would have been a travesty if Brandon Crawford or Brandon Belt made the team, but Sandoval… he is actually deserving of the nod, no matter what Alderson thinks.