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Santa Clara Police: Aldon Smith was “under the influence”

San Francisco 49ers Aldon Smith

“Justice will be served and the truth will come out. There’s no DUI.”

That’s what Aldon Smith — who was released today by the 49ers — told reporters outside Santa Clara County Jail this morning. Santa Clara Police Spokesperson Kurt Clarke briefed reporters on Aldon Smith’s latest arrest. Based on his account of what occurred last night, the SCPD would disagree with Smith’s claim.

Clarke’s opening statement:

Last night, at about 8:46 pm, our officers received a call of an incident, at an address on Moreland Way in Santa Clara, involving a collision. Once they arrived at that location, they discovered that a hit-and-run had occurred. Also, vandalism had occurred to a vehicle. Subsequent to that, they identified Aldon Smith as the person that was responsible for those two incidents.

After contacting Aldon Smith at that same location, they also determined that he was also under the influence of an alcoholic beverage and he was arrested for DUI, as well as the vandalism and the hit-and-run.

So after the officers determined he was responsible for those set of circumstances, he was arrested again and transported to Santa Clara’s police department for processing. At the police department they processed Mr. Smith and then he was later transported to Santa Clara County Jail. That’s kind of an overview of the incident.

Additional Details

— “This happened at 500 block of Moreland Way in Santa Clara … This is a large complex with a parking garage that’s gated.”

— “He was arrested at the same location. What happened in this particular set of circumstances, the officers were on scene at the location investigating the hit and run. Aldon Smith had returned to the location and subsequently contacted our officers. It was at that point they determined he was under the influence.”

— “When officers first arrived on scene, he was not there.”

— “He cooperated with the officer’s on scene. He submitted to a field sobriety test. He submitted to … a preliminary alcohol screening device.”

— “He was operating the vehicle and returned to the scene of the collision. He lives at the complex.”

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