A recommendation whether to move forward with charges on Pablo Sandoval were supposed to be issued this week by the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office. However, after new developments today, the waiting game will continue on to next week.

According to Deputy April Skalland, ” Detectives received more returns on evidence yesterday and are working on completing their reports. We will not have any new information on the Pablo Sandoval case until next week.”

Sandoval is accused of sexually assaulting a Santa Cruz woman at the Seascape Beach Resort in Aptos.

The abuse was reported to the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office at 4:30 am. Sandoval was last seen leaving Motiv on Pacific Avenue in Santa Cruz at 1:30. According to bar manager Isaac Cook, Sandoval left alone.

Sandoval and his attorney, Eric Geffon, maintain that the sexual activity was consensual. While no details about the alleged assault or victim have been released, Sandoval has been cooperating fully with the police.