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Scot McCloughan and Larry Riley, delusional till the end

It’s a world of turmoil around here these days, in the form of missing, mediocre and inevitable transactions. Let’s take a look, shall we? First a warning: these links aren’t for the faint of heart…or are things really not that bad? See for yourself:— Michael Crabtree is the only unsigned rookie in the NFL now that Andre Smith finally signed with the Ochocincos, but at least league insiders think he’ll sign at some point close to Labor Day. (Matt Maiocco’s Instant 49ers)

— Hey, as Scot McCloughan said, “What’s three or four months on a five- or six-year contract?” Good lord, I don’t know if my palm has ever struck my forehead quicker or more forcefully. (SF Gate)

— Also from Mr. Maiocco, Nate Davis probably won’t be sent to the practice squad (which would make him available to every other NFL team, something none of us wants), but he’ll still be the fourth option behind Damon Huard and the BFF’s. (Matt Maiocco)

— While one Niner Nate rises, another falls. (Niner Insider)

— Three 49ers injured themselves this preseason during the “nutcracker” drill, although none in the way you’d expect. (49ers Hot Read)

— Adding Jon Garland should help the Dodgers, but Jim Thome’s only useful if they make the World Series. (LA Times)

— At first glance the Brad Penny signing looks pretty underwhelming, but according to this guy, “The move is a terrific one for the Giants.” (ESPN)

— Here are three things the Giants should do. Two of them seem pretty obvious, but one was a surprise. Here’s a hint: Eugenio Velez is despised by a sizable portion of the Giants’ faithful (especially ones who pay major attention to Minor League stats and their Major League equivalents), and the post includes the sentence, “(Fred) Lewis’ at-bats might frustrate the casual fan, but he’s basically the 2nd best hitter on the Giants.” (Bay City Ball)

— Good old Warriors: they send out a generic public reaction to Stephen Jackson’s trade demand (where Larry Riley says something like, “Uh, we really hope and expect he’ll shut up for a while, and I’m kinda afraid to call Nellie in Maui to tell him about this”), won’t let go of C.J. Watson and picked up the completely worthless Mikki Moore (i.e. a more expensive version of Jermareo Davidson who was an utter failure in Boston). (Fast Break)

And I’m not going to end with a link, but a question. What was said when Kruk and Kuip called Damon Bruce a “clown” after Sunday’s win? I heard Bruce going on and on about it last night, how he never speaks ill of Kruk and Kuip but they always mention him without directly using his name, but I know KNBR won’t have the soundbite up on their website. I can figure out the context, but who was the one who said it? Did they both say it?

You have to wonder why they’re so into bashing Bruce. Sure, he’s really strident and regularly overreacts in the name of showmanship, but the announcers already won when Bruce was put on Giants home game restriction by Larry Baer and Bill Neukom.

Isn’t this sort of like how Bob Fitzgerald and the Warriors PR team immediately tries to squash anything called in or written online negatively about the Warriors? I swear, a major reason why all the Bay Area teams struggle to break away from mediocrity is because anyone who speaks out in favor of going all-out for a championship is peer-pressured into keeping quiet. It’s like the professional franchises around here react to dissenting views like the Chinese government…without the unending prison sentences and executions, of course.

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