Last night’s double-overtime loss was painful enough for Golden State Warriors fans, since they gave up an 18-point lead in the last four-plus minutes of the fourth quarter and all. The torture experienced last night assaulted multiple senses, not just visual. A high-pitched squeal — or a shriek, if you prefer — was paired with every bounce of the ball that went the Spurs’ way. Stephen Curry misses a jumper … shriek. Tony Parker makes a layup … squeal. Loose ball foul on Draymond Green … scream.

We should’ve all been focused on the most exciting NBA game of the season, but instead the woman (whose age was impossible to determine; she very well could’ve been a girl for all we knew) positioned much too close to a TNT microphone became the target of everyone’s ire, along with Jarrett Jack and Tony Brothers.

“Who is this vile woman, and why isn’t someone calling 911 to either save her or shut her the hell up?” – said pretty much everyone.

According to a reporter named Dillon Collier of KENS 5 in San Antonio, they’ve found the screamer/squealer/shrieker:

Hopefully it’s her last. Actually, I don’t care if she crushes the will to live of the fans around her, as long as TNT either finds a way to keep their microphones out of her range or she sits somewhere other than right behind the announcers’ table. SF Gate’s Peter Hartlaub is of the mind that the dental assistant made a full recovery after a particularly busy night:

Since this woman (if it’s actually her — Collier says they’ll air a story about her at 10 pm tonight) seems like she’s pretty proud of herself, I’m afraid this might actually become a thing. I’m by no means a preacher like Mark Jackson, but let’s all pray that doesn’t turn out to be the case.