I’d like to start this post with an apology. Several months ago we invited Brian Nemhauser, the founder of a site called Hawkblogger, to join us for some Q&A segments. I didn’t know much about the guy, and while he called Jim Harbaugh “the biggest asshole in football,” I didn’t think it would hurt anything to include him in a few posts. I apologize for that error in judgement, and let’s just say he won’t be invited back next season.

Nemhauser recently decided to perk up a slow time for Seahawks news (this was before it was reported that they’re probably going to trade Matt Flynn to the Raiders) with a “Seacocks” meme. What exactly does that mean?

Jim Harbaugh seacock meme

It gets worse. There’s a post on his site that features several similar images (mostly including Harbaugh, but Colin Kaepernick gets the treatment as well). I’m not going to link to his site and give him the pageviews, but something tells me Nemhauser suffers from the same affliction suffered by Jonah Hill’s character in Superbad.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of, something like 8% of kids do it.

The rivalry between the 49ers and Seahawks is about 1,000 times more intense than it was even a year ago, but Seahawks fans seem to have a weird obsession with Harbaugh that simply isn’t matched here. 49ers fans think Pete Carroll is fake, slimy and annoying, but nobody around here is posting “Gangnam Style” parody videos with some guy calling Carroll a “douchebag” and “horse’s ass.”

Maybe this would explain why Seahawks fans seem to hate Harbaugh so much:

East Bay Sports GuySeattle and San Francisco seem to be waging a “can you top this” battle during the offseason, and the games between the 49ers and Seahawks will be among the most anticipated contests of the 2013 season. Since there are several months until these teams meet on the field, it’s probably better just to ignore Seahawks fans like these and refrain from stooping to their level. Maybe it would also be a good idea to support the movement to keep the Kings in Sacramento while we’re at it.