It seems like just yesterday we were lampooning the Seattle media for promoting homophobia. Okay, so it wasn’t the Seattle media elite, or anything. But Hawkblogger, Brian Nemhauser, has a large following and is often syndicated by Seattle’s oldest radio station and former flagship of the SuperSonics, KJR AM950. And maybe superimposing phallically-drawn Seahawks’ logos in or around Jim Harbaugh’s mouth isn’t homophobic. But, it’s certainly childish, crude or any other adjective that would have described me as a 12-year old.

Alas, I am 12 no more, which means penis jokes rub me the wrong way (/rimshot).

Jokes aside, this type of humor doesn’t belong in the discourse of rivals, especially when beatings, stabbings and shootings are all but commonplace at sports arenas. Sure, Nemhauser runs a blog, which, as Gary Radnich and his cohost are quick to note, often are written in the basements of disappointed parents.

But, in Seattle, such immaturity pervades the blogosphere, going so far as to make an appearance on a morning news show that is not all that dissimilar to the one hosted by Uncle Gary.

Q13 FOX News This Morning and host Bill Wixey chimed in Thursday morning on the NBA Sacramento/Seattle tug-of-war for the Kings. As a Seattle news show, Wixey and company of course thought it permissible for the Maloofs to rob Sacramento of the Kings. In support, Wixey presented a list of the top-five reasons why Seattle is better than Sacramento. While this list could include economy, diversity, public transportation or anything really, Wixey focused on the vile.

Included in Wixey’s description of Sacramento were these gems:

  • “Sacramento is the world’s most boring city.”
  • “Sacramento smells like your stepfather’s armpit.”
  • “Sacramento has culture — the kind you find at the bottom of a petri dish.”

Perhaps I’m blowing this out of proportion. But stooping to such humor is cheap and insensitive, especially for a city that experienced the tumult of losing a franchise just five-years ago. I know this is a problem for the people of Sacramento, but as I urged on Wednesday, the Kings deserve our support. But if you’re indifferent to the future of the Kings, at least revel in knowing that Seattle has yet again proven itself inferior to the San Francisco.