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Sergio Romo: “There are things that happen in the clubhouse that should probably stay in the clubhouse.”

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Sergio Romo’s weekly show aired this morning on KNBR, and Brian Murphy asked two questions about the weird situation involving the team’s “boycott” of beat writer Andrew Baggarly. Romo wasn’t in a mood to discuss the situation with Shawon Dunston or his feelings about Baggarly, other than to say it’s a “team thing.”

Murphy: “Obviously the other thing that happened at Dodger Stadium was this kind of gossipy kind of controversial news that you and Shawon Dunston might’ve had a shouting match, and then it was reported on by Andy Baggarly, and apparently the team got upset at Baggarly. This is your chance to let us know your side of the story. What happened, and what’s the status of the clubhouse and Baggarly and Dunston?”

Romo: “I really don’t have a side to that, there are things that, if they happened or not, there are things that happen in the clubhouse that should probably stay in the clubhouse amongst the team, if you’re part of the team. So, I’d venture to say it’s a team thing, and that’s really it.”

Murphy: “And what’s the status with Andy Baggarly? Are you guys, because you know he’s been around for years and years and years. You know each other. Of course there’s going to be conflicts. I know how it is, 162, the media and the players aren’t always going to get along. Have you guys all smoked the peace pipe with him?”

Romo: “Ummm … I would venture to say that there are no ring leaders. There’s nobody leading the pack. There’s nobody sitting there saying one thing and, OK, that’s what we’re going by. We all came together as a team and I am a part of the team. And it’s not just my clubhouse, but it’s all of our clubhouses in terms of us, San Francisco Giants, and I mean, it is what it is. I stick by team, my team sticks by me, and it’s a team thing.”

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