Sergio Romo parade illegal t-shirtThis morning on KNBR Sergio Romo ruffled some feathers by not pulling any punches about how he feels about the media.

It was pretty obvious from the get go that he really, really did not want to be on the radio this morning. The silences after questions were awkward and plentiful during the interview, but things really got interesting when last week’s series against the Los Angeles Dodgers was discussed.

Brian Murphy started things off with the question: “Does it matter that the media says, ‘Hey, Sergio, didn’t talk to us after he blew a save?'”

Romo replied:

For me personally, I will say this: No. I am not asked everyday to give a comment, to give my perspective on the game. Was I available that day? No, no, but when I am not a priority to be spoken to everyday, I am not going to make them a priority or make it a priority to speak to the media everyday. I don’t have to ask them if they need something from me. They need to walk up to me and come up to me. …

I have 20 saves this year. I have participated and have been able to contribute in 20 wins this year, saves. I have three wins, my record is 3-4, I have 3 wins that I have contributed — three wins where I have been credited as the winner. How many of those 23 games that I have contributed in the winning cause have I been asked to give a comment? How many out of all those 23? I will venture to say that it is less than a handful of times.

So when it comes to the media, no I don’t mind the media. They have a job to do, in order  for them to do their job, they need me more than I need them. I will go ahead and say that I didn’t burn any bridges. I am not burning any bridges. I let them know how I felt at the moment and that’s pretty much it.

One thing that I will note is that the Giants are actually 28 and 9 when Romo makes and an appearance,  so he has been a contributor in 28 Giants wins. 

Romo still appears to not be over his spat with the local media, even though it happened several days ago now, and I think it is safe to say that only being the focus after losses is something eating at Romo for a while. I understand where Romo’s frustration is coming from. Getting asked questions after you don’t perform well is not fun. When he makes a save, however, it’s not exactly breaking news given that he converts saves nearly 90% of the time.

More interesting and noteworthy is when he doesn’t make a save. That is usually the point in the game that ended up being pivotal. Thus that will be a focus for the beat writers when they are writing up their game stories. When he makes a save, there was usually some other portion of the game in which the Giants did something to put them into position to win and that will be the focus.

It is the curse of the closer: When the team loses, it falls on them. When the team wins, there were other people that did something to put them in position to save the game. The flip side is that closers get paid quite a bit of money compared to other players, and they are the rock stars of the bullpen.