ScutaroEvery year the Giants marketing team comes up with giveaways, promotional items, and special events that make me black out and hand over my credit card without batting an eye. Last year had some pretty lust-worthy items including a world series replica ring, a Sergio Romo gnome, and the crème de la crème – a Marco Scutaro rain globe, courtesy of Mr. Grant Brisbee.

This year has some serious potential. Here’s the full released list for the first half of the season:


Tuesday, 4/8 – Giants Opening Day Calendar (40,000 fans)

Wednesday, 4/9 – Hunter Pence Bobblehead (40,000 fans)

Thursday, 4/10 – Giants Item TBD (20,000 fans)

Friday, 4/11 – Fireworks Night

Saturday 4/12 – Sports Bag (20,000 fans)

Sunday, 4/13 – Sports Sleeve (7,500 fans 14 & under)

Wednesday, 4/16 – Giants Magnet Schedule (20,000 fans)

Friday, 4/25 – Duane Kuiper Bobblehead (40,000 fans)

Saturday, 4/26 – 1954 Replica World Series Ring (20,000 fans)

Sunday, 4/27 – Giants Replica Bat (7,500 fans 14 & under)


Friday, 5/16 – Tim Lincecum Orange Friday Jersey Shirt (20,000 fans)

Saturday, 5/17 – Genentech Strike Out Cancer Fedora/Giants Fedora (20,000 Fans)

Sunday, 5/18 – Buster Posey Kids T-Shirt (7,500 fans 14 & under)

Saturday, 5/24 – Giants cap (20,000 fans)

Sunday, 5/25 – Giants BBQ Apron (20,000 fans)

Monday, 5/26 – Giants Beach Towel (20,000 fans)


Saturday, 6/7 – Sergio Romo Super Hero Socks (7,500 fans 14 & under)

Sunday, 6/8 – Hello Kitty Giants Plush (20,000 fans)

Friday, 6/13 – Fireworks Night

Saturday, 6/14 – Mad Bum Camo Cap (20,000 fans)

Sunday, 6/15 – Giants Father’s Day Necktie (20,000 fans)

Saturday, 6/28 – ALL BRANDON WEEKEND (OMFG) – Brandon Belt or Crawford Bobblehead (40,000 fans)

Sunday, 6/29 – ALL BRANDON WEEKEND (OMFG Part II)  - Giants Growth Chart Banner (featuring the Brandons) (7,500 Fans 14 & under)

Based on the schedule above, I’ll be needing a second credit card with low-interest rates and a good mileage rewards program. Also, here are a few thoughts on the promotion items:

  • Sergio Romo Hero Socks/Brandons Growth chart – Do you think I can TaskRabbit a child to help me get those items? Would I be breaking some sort of child labor law? If you have any info, please let me know ASAP.
  • Anyone else feel like Mad Bum Camo Cap was the back-up idea after the Giants marketing team realized that it would be really difficult to give livestock to 20,000 fans?
  • ALL BRANDONS WEEKEND – Are they trying to kill me? Seriously. Just take the money already. Also, what happens if I can’t get a Brandon Belt bobblehead? I will be very sad.
  • Hello Kitty Plush – Ughhhhhhhh. I really hate the Hello Kitty/MLB affiliation. Can’t we just leave this one for the Dodgers?
  • 40,000 giveaways for all the bobbleheads seems to be a continuing trend from last year I’m happy the Giants are keeping. This should please Marty Lurie.
  • Should I know what a sports sleeve is?
  • Hunter Pence Bobblehead – I truly hope whoever creates the prototype for this takes full advantage of the opportunity. You have a chance for greatness, Bobblehead Maker Person.
  • Really looking forward to Giants Item TBD. I’ve always wanted one of those.

Here are a few items I’m hoping pop up in the 2nd half promo items:

  • Bat Kid/SF Giants cape for kids
  • Angel Pagan inside-the-park home run bobblehead
  • Buster Hug/Tim Lincecum No-Hitter Bobblehead
  • Dag Yabel Got ‘Em” Duane Kuiper music box
  • Giants Pajama Pants

Make it happen Giants.