I’m not sure if Brandon Crawford has inspired his fellow teammates to show off their mops, but there is some DAMN fine hair on the San Francisco Giants. I don’t ever want you to be without GIFs of Giants players with epic hair, so I’m fixing that RIGHT NOW with this post.

Surprisingly, Tim Lincecum did NOT make my list, although I’m looking forward to seeing what he shows up with during Spring Training. Barry Zito blowdrying was a close-runner up too but alas, I had to pick my favorites. Here ya go:

The Fro Hair 

Matt Cain’s poof is my favorite. I mean, look at it. How does he get so much volume? I need to know his secret.

The Romance-Novel Hair

This goes to none other than Angel Pagan. He has hair that belongs on the cover of a paperback novel in the grocery store that cost $6.95. You know, the one with a stallion rearing in the distance during a wondrous sunset. And I’m pretty sure he knows it:

The Baywatch Hair 

Brandon Crawford knows he has the best locks on the team so he takes advantage of all opportunities to show them off. This is one of many hair flips from Crawford that I slowed down so you could see the full range of motion.

The “I miss my facial hair” Hair

Brandon Belt didn’t seem to own a razor half the time, but when he finally did shave, he seemed to miss his facial hair tremendously. This beard-search went on for quite awhile:

The “What? This ol’ thang?” Hair

Madison Bumgarner is a country boy who pretends he doesn’t care about his looks, but check out the below GIF. I’ve never seen so much attention go towards hair fluffing in baseball. Guessing he probably takes bubble baths too.