I know what you guys are thinking.

“Carmen, Brett Pill is going to play baseball in Korea. What more could you possibly need?”

Jokes, everyone. Jokes.

But in all seriousness, there are a couple Giants-y things I would really like for Christmas. I’ve been pretty good this year. I mean, I didn’t walk around blindfolded and slashing the air with a knife when the Giants hit #rockbottom this summer so no lump of coal for me! Don’t I deserve happiness?

That being said, I wanted to share some Giants-related stuff that I really hope Santa Claus swings by with next week. If you’re a procrastinator like I am and haven’t bought a gift for your favorite baseball fan, hopefully this will help jog your creative juices too. Take a look at the goods:

1. The Best Bobblehead in the World 

Not one, but TWO amazing Giants players during one of my all-time favorite moments ever. You can get this on eBay or Bobbles Galore for the small asking price of $129.95.

Also please note this important warning:


Tickets to the 2014 Season

I already have a few but I’m getting antsy to watch a game at beautiful AT&T Park. The best deal seems to be the Holiday Six-Packs that run from $99-149. Also, it comes with a weird Giants nutcracker to freak out your friends if that Tim Lincecum Gnome has lost its effect.


Alex Woo Baseball Necklace

Alex Woo is an amazing jewlery designer who makes charms for everyone, including baseball fanatics. You can get any team in silver or gold, it’s great quality, and is really cute.

I don’t ball quite hard enough to be able to afford these, but click here to buy if you do.

SF Giants Cheeseboard

Combining my love for cheese and the Giants — good work, Giants marketing team. If you’re not into eating cheese until you’re sick, I don’t think you’ll understand the need for this. But in my mind, watching nine innings while eating cheese off this board is my idea of heaven.

Remembering Candlestick

Candlestick wasn’t just a place where guys in red and gold play handegg, okay? It was also the home of the San Francisco Giants for many years including my first game as a kid. I know that place is a total dump, but I have a fondness for that place that only others who grew up at Candlestick can understand. To remember that place, I would love this tee to rock when I’m sitting in AT&T Park to remind me of how far we’ve come:


That being said, this may be my last post before Christmas so wishing everyone an awesome and safe holiday! Hope you guys get some great stuff, but more importantly, I hope everyone gets to spend plenty of  quality time with friends and family. Merry Xmas!