The Raiders haven’t watched a player as decorated as Shane Lechler walk away since Marcus Allen defected to the Chiefs in 1993.

I am a special teams junkie, and having Lechler and Sebastian Janikowski to watch over the last 13 years has been the biggest treat, especially during the dark times.

I know it’s time for him to go and play for the Texans, and I’m excited about the prospect of Marquette King inheriting, and hopefully prospering in the Raiders’ strong tradition of excellent ball-strikers.

Lechler has said he wanted out of Oakland for years, and he’s entitled to his opinion. But for him to say he’s been rooting for the Texans for years while cashing Oakland Raiders checks? Keep it to yourself, dude. Be glad this team sucked for most of the time you were on it, and you had plenty of chances to air out that epic Texas leg of yours.

I wish we had a Peyton Manning to say something about “idiot kickers,” but we don’t. So I’ll say this instead:

  • Thanks for the awesome punt over Devon Hester’s head.
  • Sorry you had a bum season with bad snaps and ugly plays, you didn’t deserve it.
  • You’re welcome for the huge contract Mr. Davis gave you.
  • Good riddance, and get ye on to Texas.

Punters don’t make championships. Quick, quick … who punted for the 49ers during the DeBartolo Dynasty? Yeah, I know, it doesn’t matter. Those teams scored points like mad and had great defenses. Nobody has ever said “Punters win championships.”

But they are fun to watch when your team sucks, err, is rebuilding.