torresingWhat a strange life I lead. Finals are bearing down on me like a great tidal wave on a row boat, and here I am, writing a post about “Torresing.” It seems like it was only a week ago I was formulating a post on why I absolutely hated the acquistion of Raffi Torres, San Jose’s consensus uber-villain. Now, the Sharks are one win away from a four-game sweep of the Vancouver Canucks and Torres is a big reason why.

It was sometime after Game 1 that Sharks fan/Twitter buddy @nuggetsauce picked up on this phenomenally horrifying picture of Torres and ran with it. Adam Burish tweeted the shot, but Nuggetsauce retweeted it before @KerryBanuelos and @drewkos quickly responded with their own versions of the facial expression.

The response to the trend was tepid at first, but Torres’s game-winning overtime goal Friday night helped it take off. Brodie Brazil encouraged the phenomenon by tweeting about it after the victory, and it has gone totally viral now. picked up on it today, and searching #Torresing on Twitter turns up hundreds of fans getting behind a new cult hero.

torresing 2

(Via @jstlikedori)

torresing 4(Via @RyMartin24)

torresing 3

(Via @BrodieBrazilCSN)

Brodie Brazil looks a little, err, dramatic while Torresing … kind of like a certain prairie dog:

I’m not sure what circumstances led to Torres’ facial expression. I can’t pinpoint exactly when the screenshot was taken, who/what he was looking at or why he seemed to have such murderous rage in his eyes. I do know, however, that it’s pretty much Torres in a nutshell. He’s just the kind of guy you want to avoid eye contact with at all costs.

This just speaks to the passion and creativity of Bay Area sports fans. Giants fans are often known for their ability to peg their favorite players with a nickname or animal comparison. #Kaepernicking even picked up among 49ers fans (although the quarterback himself made a hard push to get it trending on Twitter, which should almost nullify it). Now Sharks fans are making waves internationally, and they’re doing it for a player they used to despise.

It’s only a matter of time before Warriors fans buy up all the chicken nuggets and start #Lacobing. Until then, I feel obligated:

me torresing