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Welcome to Day Three of Sharks Week!

Okay, so we’ve had some pretty awesome giveaways on BASG, but this is the best one yet. Over the course of this week we’ll run daily Sharks-related contest posts. Just answer the question in the comments section below and you’ll be entered into a drawing for a chance to win. You can comment as many times as you’d like so feel free to engage in discussion, but only one of those comments will count per day. Be sure to get involved with every one of these posts for a chance to win!

What does the winner get? I’m glad you asked.


This is by far the most valuable prize we’ve given away yet (yes, that photo above is of the actual tickets you can win), and the most awesome if you ask me. We’ll be giving out SIX PAIRS OF TICKETS for the final drawing (which will take place on Friday), so the luxury box will be filled with die hard Sharks fans as well as faithful BASG readers. There will be food and drinks. Ruthless Sports Guy and his fiance will be there, along with myself and Sports Girl Liz, so we’d love to have you.

Yesterday we asked you what you thought the best part of watching hockey live is. Today, it’s all about the San Jose Sharks.


Who is your most beloved Shark of all time?

By Ruthless Sports Guy

There’s definitely plenty to choose from here. After all, San Jose has played host to a lot of fan favorites over its 22-year existence. Although a few hundred words will never any of these guys justice, I’ll leave it to you to get real sentimental while paying homage to those I’ve mentioned (and those I haven’t) in the comments section.

Just look around HP Pavilion. Better yet, ask around. There’ll be a lot of Coutures and Clowes thrown around when you ask people who their favorite Shark is, but even more will wax affectionately about their most beloved players when given the opportunity.

So many different names come to mind…

Jonathan Cheechoo — No San Jose player had a rise and fall quite as meteoric as Cheechoo, but when he was on, he set the Bay Area on fire, scoring 56 goals in 2005-06. It prompted truckloads of people to buy Cheechoo jerseys in anticipation for an encore that never came, but I bet if you ask them, there’s still a special place in their hearts for “Cheech.”

Mike Ricci Ricci is still around the Sharks as a developmental coach, but he’s more affectionately known in San Jose as the long-haired soldier with the toothless smile. He played tough, physical and fast during his six-year career in San Jose — exactly the kind of player Sharks fans adore.

Joe Thornton — Jumbo gets my vote, even though I’ve been hard on him lately. He revitalized the Sharks after they traded for him in 2005-06, and although he’s allergic to shooting the puck, he’s a magician when he passes it. At 33 years old, Thornton has a lot of hockey left and he’s on pace to crush records in the process.

Owen Nolan — This will probably be the consensus for long-tenured Sharks fanatics. Nolan was the unquestioned leader of San Jose during his time with the team and plenty of kids, now all grown up, still hold his number 11 above all else.

Patrick Marleau — Marleau takes a lot of heat for not putting his size, skill (and good looks) to proper use all the time, but no one can deny what he’s meant to the franchise. Patty may be the single most important Shark in the team’s history. He’s a homegrown product (fans hold those players even more dearly), and he’s been producing for San Jose ever since they drafted him in 1997. He’s the franchise leader in games played, points, goals, power play goals, game-winning goals … do I need to go on?

There are so many more I could name. You could go old school with players like Doug Wilson, Jamie Baker, Arturs Irbe and Jeff Friesen. Maybe you feel like going more recent; say, Evgeni Nabokov, Joe Pavelski or Devin Setoguchi. It doesn’t matter — if they’re your favorite player, tell us. You could win some sweet tickets for sharing.