I’m starting to feel bad for Donte Whitner, who can lay the lumber on the field but can’t tackle the problem of Twitter hackery. Yesterday Whitner sent out a tweet about Nnamdi Asomugha that wasn’t very polite. He deleted that comment about 10 minutes after it went live, and said that NFL security was looking into the matter because it wasn’t the first time he had been hacked.

Today, strange stuff continued to come from Whitner’s account:

Donte Whitner hacked again

See, LaMichael James knows. Maybe he can provide his teammate some assistance. If not, I’m going to give Whitner some advice a little later in this post.

Whitner shit is sickeningI’m not sure if Whitner himself wrote that last one, because that last nonsensical tweet about sitting on Twitter all day hasn’t been deleted yet. Maybe whoever has control of Whitner’s account changed the password, meaning Whitner is powerless to delete anything until Twitter helps him out. Since his account is verified, one would think Whitner should be able to get Twitter’s attention relatively soon … assuming he even knows what’s going on.

Two days ago Whitner asked for a little advice after getting hacked the first time:

Donte Whitner password

Since he didn’t figure out a way to keep his account secure then, let’s give Mr. Whitner a few tips.

  1. Get on a computer, as Twitter’s mobile apps aren’t always the greatest.
  2. See the wheel on the upper right hand side? Click on that, and a list should drop down. Click “settings.”
  3. On the left hand side, click “Password.”
  4. Where it says “Current password,” type “12345,” “Donte31,” “Twitner31,” “PThomasConcussion” or whatever it is.
  5. Where it says “New password,” type a password that any idiot couldn’t guess. Don’t use your name, uniform number, the word “Niners” or your birthday, for starters.
  6. Where it says “Verify password,” type the same password that you entered where it says “New password.”
  7. Don’t let strangers play with your phone.

Or, just deactivate your account and take break from Twitter for a while. That would probably be best.