press boxAfter the San Francisco Giants rallied for four runs in the bottom of the sixth inning yesterday, I got up from my seat in the pressbox and made a trip to the restroom. The men’s room. Normally that wouldn’t need to be specified, but it’s kind of relevant here. You’ll see why soon.

I didn’t notice anything strange as I walked past the radio guys toward the corner of the pressbox where the restrooms are located. As I entered the MENS ROOM (sorry, it’s an important detail), I was met with the faint aroma of something I’ve smelled dozens of other times at sporting events throughout the Bay Area: marijuana.

Inner monologue: “Wait, in the pressbox bathroom? (Yes.) Was anyone else in the restroom? (No.) Was I imagining things? (Possibly.)”

I assumed one of two things — either I smelled something that wasn’t actually weed, or perhaps someone in a View Level bathroom smoked and a residual cloud somehow made its way through the ventilation system and ended up in the pressbox men’s room. I walked out of the bathroom a minute later, walked back to my seat to watch the rest of the game, and completely forgot about the the whole thing. Like I said, smelling cannabis at a sporting event isn’t all that noteworthy around here. Heck, I walk through mid-Market to AT&T Park, meaning I smell it every single day I cover a game.

This morning, I heard Larry Krueger reference a situation in the pressbox that occurred during yesterday’s game. According to Krueger, security was alerted to someone “getting high” … in the ladies’ room! I was sitting in between Art Spander and Chris Haft yesterday on the other side of the pressbox during the entire game, so I had no idea that a full-on bust went down. Krueger gave no further details (for instance: who was in there, if they got caught, or who called security).

Since hearing Krueger mention this, I’ve been trying to imagine who possibly could’ve been smoking out the ladies’ room. Did a non-credentialed person sneak into the pressbox? Was the culprit a woman? The ratio of men to women in the press box is usually higher than what you’d see in the general population, so perhaps a guy went in there, thinking he’d have a much better chance of not getting caught. I guess the only thing left to do is speculate irresponsibly as to who the pressbox toker could’ve been.

Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to brace for an avalanche of bad Tim Lincecum jokes in the comments.