It’s Gary Radnich’s 20th anniversary on KNBR, and today’s show is already full of names from the past (Bowler Bob from Brisbane!). They have booked some guests to help celebrate the occasion, and while no one on KNBR has announced this, it would appear that Tony Bruno will join Radnich and Larry Krueger for one segment.

Bruno tweeted this earlier today: “Oh Bay Area fans……..better pay attention today around 11:20am PST!”

The Radnich/Bruno segment was a long-running pairing that signified perhaps the only 30+ minutes of commercial-free airtime on terrestrial radio. After over a decade of Bruno coming on with Radnich nearly every weekday to occasionally talk sports and, more frequently, go off on tangents about subjects pertaining to pop culture or music (hip hop and R&B, mostly), the segment was dropped when Radnich was paired with Damon Bruce.

Soon after, Bruno angrily called then-Giants reliever Ramon Ramirez an “illegal alien” on Twitter after he plunked one of his beloved Philadelphia Phillies. He was suspended for a week for that (deleted) comment, then soon moved from Los Angeles — where he hosted a show on Fox Sports Radio — to Philly, where he got a job hosting on 97.5 THE FANATIC.

I know that the segment will be up in about an hour so there isn’t much time to comment on this, but are people excited that Bruno is coming back for one last hurrah? I don’t think it’ll lead to anything long-term, mostly since it didn’t appear that Bruno parted on good terms with KNBR. Then again, neither did Larry Krueger in 2005.