Wow. I’m still speechless. Timmy throwing a no-hitter was almost as unbelievable as him never having thrown a no-hitter before. With two Cy Youngs under his belt already, it’s kind of strange that this wasn’t accomplished sooner in his career.

But as Giants fans well know, the story has not been great the last two seasons. With the exception of the postseason in 2012, it was easy to forget that at one point he was one of the most, if not THE most, dominant pitchers in baseball. His strike out stuff was unfair, he was focused, and his long hair and skinny frame were a hallmark of Giants pitching.

This year began the serious talks about trading Tim Lincecum. Putting him in the bullpen. Doing all sorts of things we never thought we’d utter in 2008 and 2009. Yet the decorated right-hander couldn’t seem to get a feel for any of his pitches.

Until last night.

I don’t need to recap the story. You already know it. And if you don’t and/or want to re-live it, we have a recap here . Alex Pavlovic also did a tremendous job in his Giants Extra blog.

I’m going to stick to my bread and butter, which is the GIFs from this game. Steve will murder me if I use more than five of them, but I did create an Imgur album of the GIFs for those who want to look at all of them.

#5 Pablo’s Skinny Defense

Say what you will about Pablo, but he contributed heavily to the no-hitter with some stellar defense. Check it out:

#4 Dave Righetti Hug

This melts my heart. I imagine there is no purer relationship in baseball than between a pitcher and his pitching coach. I mean, just look at how adorable:

#3 Tim Lincecum hits the ump in his boiler

I love this GIF. I really really love it. Because on a night where Tim Lincecum was amazing beyond belief, he was still himself. And “himself” makes faces like these after accidentally bouncing a ball in the dirt that hits the home plate umpire:

#2 Hunter Pence’s Superman Catch

Hunter Pence deserves a car or a spaceship, or something because he made the equivalent to the Gregor Blanco catch in the Matt Cain Perfect Game – some prefer that one, but I’m partial to this one because it’s all arms and legs. And because of course, Hunter Pence.

#1 Buster and Timmy 4 Ever

And you knew it would be this one, but this GIF will melt my heart forever. I can’t believe there was speculation that they weren’t friends at one point. The joy on Buster’s face is absolutely undeniable.

Big Time Timmy Jim. We love you. Thanks for this amazing night.