Pretty clever stuff coming out of Seattle.

645_1399400434 In addition to Sports Radio KJR’s excessive usage of commas and apostrophes, we’re going to have to question a couple things.

1. No stadium naming rights deals can ever be considered “cool,” even when the corporation involved produced the Silvertab® jeans I proudly wore throughout junior high and my freshman year of high school. But CenturyLink is a telecom out of Louisiana. It’s not cool just because you call it the Link, or the Clink, or whatever the “12s” call the place where they pump in a bunch of fake crowd noise and claim to set dubious world records. There are four sports facilities with the CenturyLink name, and once CenturyLink gets bought by some other telecom they’ll all get some new name like SynerTech or VirtuMobile.

2. If KJR is planning to call the San Francisco 49ers the Santa Clara 49ers from now on, they should also be forced to continually refer to each of these teams by the following:

  • Landover Redskins
  • East Rutherford Giants
  • East Rutherford Jets
  • Arlington Cowboys
  • Miami Gardens Dolphins
  • Orchard Park Bills
  • Oklahoma City NotTheSonics

Santa Clara 49ers logo

Oh, that is hilarious. I wish I could think of a suitable retort, but all I have is this.