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Stephen Curry dunks, wins, talks about rooting for the Panthers

It’s not all that rare to see members of the Golden State Warriors dunk. According to CBS Sports, Andrew Bogut is currently sixth in the NBA with 57 dunks (just ahead of Kevin Durant and LeBron James, who have 56 and 54, respectively). David Lee isn’t all that far behind with 41 (15th), and Andre Iguodala sneaks into the top 50 with 21 slams.

Stephen Curry showed off his “#summerlegs” during the offseason and dunked in an exhibition game against the Lakers, but dunks in games that count are few and far between. That’s why it took everyone by surprise when he went up and threw it down with two hands early in the Warriors’ 99-97 win over the Celtics on Friday night.

It took a steal by Andre Iguodala, a tip-pass from David Lee and Curry leaking out when he saw what was transpiring. Drink it in, because you might not see this again for a while.

Maybe that’s why Curry looked so tired throughout the game. Or not, since the entire team looked like they were more than ready for the four-day break that started once this game finished. That’s why it took a game-winning jumper from Curry to beat the lowly Celtics (you can check out GIFs of the shot, as well as Curry, Iguodala and Lee talking about the play here).

Curry also talked about his favorite NFL team, which happens to be facing the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday in the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs.

Curry was asked about his thoughts on a game he’ll be able to watch at home (the Warriors are completely off this weekend, no practice), and he made it clear he wasn’t going to pretend to root for the 49ers to … curry favor with Bay Area fans (sorry).

“I’m a diehard Panthers fan and that won’t change,” Curry said. “Don’t hate me for 24 hours. I won’t talk too much trash on Twitter, but it’ll be fun. (49ers fans) can talk trash back to me, I encourage it.”

I asked him about Iguodala, a 49ers fan who took over the team’s official Twitter account during a preseason game back in August.

“We’ve got four. Andre, (assistant coach Lindsey) Hunter, and two of our video guys are big-time 49ers fans, so a lot of smack talk going on. With two days off, it’ll be a little quiet. But during the game, text messages galore.”

Curry had an A’s cap in his locker, and Nemanja Nedovic was also wearing an A’s hat in the locker room afterward. I’m not exactly sure why the two were representing one of the other two teams that play in Oakland, but here they are:
Flying Fox
Flying Fox

Let's go Niners! Let's go A's! ....and Warriors...


@BASportsGuy I guess he will go play for the Hornets when he becomes a free agent then ? He will be a sad fan tomorrow !

Otis Byrd III
Otis Byrd III

@TIM______ @BASportsGuy I think Curry likes it here. Hopefully he stays a Warrior the rest of his career. Plus, if he went to the Bobcats/Hornets, wouldn't that be kind of a step backwards for him?

It's hard to be mad at Curry for being a Panthers fan. Yes, it helps that Curry is a good guy and it probably would've been different if it was a guy like Al Harrington or Stephen Jackson back when they were with the Warriors with the way they both left the Warriors, but Curry is from North Carolina and he grew up rooting for them, so that kind of makes it different too. It seems like he's having fun with it.

But yes, hopefully the 49ers get the win!


@TIM______ @BASportsGuy its like lincecum being a seahwaks fan.  just because he likes the seahawks doesnt mean he is playing for the mariners.


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