I’ll give you fair warning: if you enjoy Rick Reilly as a writer or think he’s a good television personality, you may want to skip this post.

For those of you who share my opinion — that Reilly is a blowhard who spouts lame jokes, knows little about sports other than golf, sullied Sports Illustrated’s reputation with his personal vendetta against Barry Bonds, and utters the same tired insults at bloggers — you’ll love this video (if you haven’t seen it already). In it, the ESPN columnist tries to tell Stuart Scott to mention how he reported Ben Roethlisberger’s separated shoulder first on his Twitter account.

Deadspin has a good recap of the “vague and not-very-informative tweets Reilly posted” about Roethlisberger’s shoulder injury.

Thing was, Scott, Trent Dilfer, Steve Young and Reilly were on live television when Reilly made this obnoxious request. And Young did not hide his disdain. At all. Young stared at Reilly for several seconds, then smacked him on the arm as if to say, “Have some respect! We’re trying to do a TV show here!”

I think it’s pretty safe to say Young isn’t a fan either. However, he came up with a bro-centric alibi for the “death stare” on KNBR this afternoon when he talked to Tom Tolbert and Ray Ratto.

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Tolbert: Before we get to football, let’s talk about the death stare. The Rick Reilly death stare. I’ve never seen that from you, Steve. I didn’t have hi-def and closeups when you were playing, so maybe it was there. Tell me what you were thinking when you heard Rick Reilly say something like, “Make sure I get credit for that. I had it on Twitter first.”

Young: No (laughs). There’s an inside joke here, is that the guys on the set, because that’s the last thing we do. Now you got to remember, it’s like 1:30 in the morning. And it’s the last thing is Rick’s little section. So we’re kind of joking around. That was not a death stare. What it really was, it kind of was incredulous. I was like, “You didn’t just say that.” And so I was joking with him. And so that’s why I hit him. We didn’t know we were on camera. It all happened without our knowledge. And so, that’s when I hit him. I’m like joking with him staring at him like, “You’re crazy.” It was more like “you’re crazy” kind of thing. I wasn’t like I was upset about it.

Tolbert: Was it a bro? Like inside your head I could hear you going, “Bro.”

Young: Bro, exactly! It was a bro stare. That’s exactly what it was. It was a bro stare. It was like, “C’mon bro!”

Ratto: We call it something else in my neighborhood. I like that.

Young: He was like, “Are you mad at me?” I’m like, “No, I’m not mad at you. Look Rick, it’s a bro stare, man. C’mon man!”

Tolbert: As we know with Steve there’s many different ways to say “bro.” And they each mean different things depending on how you say it. That was more like a, “Are you kidding me, bro? Like, bro.”

Young: Exactly! It was a bro. “Bro, c’mon!”

Ratto: You could’ve hung meat off the disgust in your face.

Young: Tommy where were you? I needed the bro stare. That would’ve been perfect.