Donovan McNabb

Stupid free Internet TV, making me wait…

No full column ideas today, just a bunch of stuff we noticed while wasting company time on a Friday…

– Is there anything worse than watching an NCAA Tournament game on your work computer, then getting jolted out of some article/project/daydream by the realization that the game has gone to commercial, only to realize that the CBS game-streamer thingy won’t let you switch to another game until all the ads are done?

– Also annoying about this time-wasting, totally free service: the ExxonMobil commercials with that scientist guy talking about growing algae. “Most people are trying to get rid of algae, we’re trying to grow it.” Right, Exxon. Nothing more believable than oil companies trumpeting how environmentally conscious they are. It’s like those McDonald’s commercials where they show fresh vegetables, saying that’s what they’re made of. No, you’re made up of low grade beef and chicken bits compressed into nugget form.

– Omar Samhan’s shoes look like Skechers clogs. He should probably clear up that little issue before the draft.

– Move over Najeh Davenport. According to ESPN legal “expert” Lester Munson, Gilbert Arenas once pooped in Andray Blatche’s shoe (check Munson’s answer to the second question in bold). Of course, Munson claimed that Arenas would definitely go to jail in the same article (uh, wrong), so maybe he’s full of… well, you know.

– So Kevin Frandsen gets traded to the Red Sox for cash or a player-to-be-named-later. Major League franchises trading cash to each other is sort of like Domino’s trading pizza dough for Papa John’s employees.

– So far, we’ve talked about fast food, shoe poop and bad pizza. It’s definitely Friday.

– Already posted this on Twitter: If Donovan McNabb gets traded to the Raiders, what are the chances he immediately gains 25 lbs? 98%? Higher?

– Off to Hayes Valley for some drinks at Place Pigalle and pizza at Patxi’s with Jim Boeheim. No, not THAT Boeheim, the fake one who commented here. As I get ready to leave work, St. Mary’s is down 46-17 at halftime on my CBS feed (great, there’s the algae commercial again). Well, I guess we’ll have to wait for the Gaels to save the Bay Area sports scene next year. Oh, who am I kidding, there aren’t enough Aussies in Australia to save this place….

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