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Taiwanese Animators make weird NFC Championship cartoon, are probably Seahawks fans

They seem to create these ridiculous cartoons for every big game, regardless of the sport. Who can forget the World Series preview that featured a panda sawing off the head of a tiger and mounting it on a wall?

The NFC Championship edition from Taiwanese Animators is just as weird and almost as gory, but most of the bad stuff happens to the San Francisco 49ers. That’s probably why at the beginning of the video there’s a pop-up encouraging viewers to click “Thumbs up for the 12th man!”

There’s also Richard Sherman putting krazy glue on a toilet seat that Colin Kaepernick later sits on, an A-Team reference that seems kind of forced, a Seahawks fan shooting sound waves from her breasts, a remote controlled shark, a Niners fan’s head exploding, and three 49ers shooting automatic weapons at two Seahawks that are protected by some sort of force field.

It’s very weird, and 49ers fans will hate the end of this video, but you’ll end up watching it anyway so here it is:

For more ridiculous 49ers/Seahawks hype, including lots of radio hijinks, click here. And the crack-smokin’ mayor had some thoughts on Kaepernick, too.


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[&#8230 ;] both love and hate these things. Taiwanese Animators make weird NFC Championship cartoon, are probably Seahawks fans [&#8230 ;]


Those Taiwanese animations are well, Taiwanese! I have been to Taiwan and have seen their mentality. There is much more to “Austin keeps me weird,” with Taipei taking first place. The animated artists of this video are so out of touch.

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