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Tarell Brown’s mission: win a dinner bet with Carlos Rogers

On Friday, San Francisco 49ers cornerback Tarell Brown tweeted that this year he would lead the league in interceptions and make the Pro Bowl. After Tuesday’s practice the defensive back talked to the media, and that was one of the main topics of conversation.

With all the talk about bounties lately (check out Jonathan Goodwin’s reaction to Gregg Williams’ recorded speech before facing the 49ers in the NFC Divisional Round), it was also interesting that Brown talked about “friendly wagers” with teammate Carlos Rogers in response to a follow-up question I asked. I’ll get to that shortly.

The first post I wrote about this practice included several photos I took of Brown defending Moss on an out pattern (Moss made the catch despite Brown getting his hand on the ball). In this video Brown talks about covering Moss during practice — “Working against each other is kind of like a chess match every day. Anytime you can go up against a guy like that every day at practice, when game comes around it makes it that much easier to cover other guys.” (0:49)

Brown gave a short scouting report on the “explosive” Mario Manningham, the new 49ers receiver who Brown saw quite a lot of last season. (0:28)

Why did Brown make it a goal to lead the league in interceptions? (0:28)

Here’s Brown on taking advantages of his opportunities when it comes to catching interceptions, something he regrets not doing until the end of last season. (0:17)

After he talked about dropping some potential INTs, I asked him a couple questions (0:44):

You got all your interceptions at the end of last year. Did something click in terms of completing that play?

“No, not really. They just came. Sometimes you just got to take advantage. Carlos took advantage of a lot of his picks, at the end of the year did a great job of coming down with the ball. I misjudged a lot of them so I didn’t get as many, but that’s just something that happens. Sometimes the ball just falls your way.”

Did you talk to him about that?

“We always talk, we always compete. As a secondary you always want to go out there and get the ball. We always have friendly wagers on who’s going to get the most picks, who’s going to do this, who’s going to do that. Stuff like that. ‘I’ll buy you a meal.’ Stuff like that. We’re always competitive, we’re always going out trying to beat each other out.”

After someone asked an unrelated question, CSN Bay Area’s Mindi Bach asked what meals would be on the line. (0:24)

“Carlos, he’s greedy. He’s more of a steak and fish guy. I’ll probably end up having to spend a couple of dollars if he beats me out. But I’m not worried about that this year.”

What’s your meal going to be?

“My meal? Lobster. I’m going to be real greedy. He just got that new check so I’m definitely trying to hit his pockets … nah, I’m playing.”
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