Monday marked the first day in stores for Three Twins Ice Cream’s latest flavor: Sergio Romo’s Mexican Chocolate. I got to check out the ice cream last night during the launch party at Mijita in the Ferry Building — tough assignment, I know.

The San Francisco Giants closer was the guest of honor, and Romo’s flavor is surprisingly good. Not surprising in the sense that Three Twins came out with a great new flavor, their ice cream is fantastic … but I’m more of a Lemon Cookie guy. I usually don’t go for chocolate ice cream or anything with cinnamon (except snickerdoodles, which are impossible to dislike).

But the flavors mixed really well, and the texture had a little something extra due to the cinnamon. It’s also organic, for those of you who pay attention to that sort of thing. You can grab a pint at Whole Foods, select independent corner stores, natural food stores, and all of Three Twins scoop shops in Northern California.

Sergio Romo Neal Gottlieb Three Twins

Romo saved his 36th game on Sunday, and spoke afterward about how cool it was to pitch on the Yankee Stadium mound right after future Hall-of-Famer Mariano Rivera. He appeared similarly humbled when he and Three Twins founder Neal Gottlieb spoke about the new partnership, since there’s a political angle to this new flavor that neither Romo nor the ice cream company based in Petaluma is shrinking from.

“I really want to thank Sergio for saying yes to this ridiculous idea, and for inspiring it with his t-shirt that he wore after the World Series parade,” Gottlieb said. “Because we really feel like it’s an important conversation to have in this country that is based on immigrants and is founded on people not just from Europe, but all over the world coming and building this country.”

Sergio Romo parade illegal t-shirt

Each ice cream container reads:

“I just look illegal” is what Sergio Romo’s shirt read when he marched down the streets of San Francisco after throwing out the last pitch of the 2012 baseball championship. We’re continuing that conversation with Sergio Romo’s Mexican Chocolate, which we like to say “only tastes illegal. We’re also donating 1% of the sales of this delicious, made-in-America flavor to a Mexican environmental non-profit.

“This is something that not only means a lot to Neal and his staff at Three Twins Ice Cream, but also myself and my family as well,” said Romo, who wore a black Team Mexico hat turned backward throughout the event. “Go figure, a little kid like me gets his face on an ice cream pint.”

Romo tried the ice cream, and at 2:30 into the 3-minute video below, Neal referenced how Romo’s dietary habits might change after the debut of Sergio Romo’s Mexican Chocolate.

“He’s going to come back looking like Sandoval next year,” Gottlieb joked at 2:30 into this 3-minute video.

“Nah,” Romo said while shaking his head.

Sergio Romo wearing glasses

Sergio Romo Neal Gottlieb Three Twins sign

Sergio Romo Three Twins Mexican Chocolate