Anthony Davis 49ersTerrell Suggs was on KNBR this morning promoting a movie. During his interview with Gary Radnich and Larry Krueger, Krueger asked Suggs about some comments that were made about the San Francisco 49ers’ offensive line after the Super Bowl.

Krueger: “What did you think, the 49er o-line have some fake tough guys?”

Radnich: “Four more plugs for The Coalition if you tell us.”

Suggs: “They got one fake tough guy, but I can speak (inaudible) Joe Staley, I went against him. And I went against 77.”

Krueger: “Mike Iupati.”

Suggs: “Those guys are the real deal, they can play.”

Krueger: “So Staley, no. And Iupati, no. I’m saying you guys are saying maybe Alex Boone is the fake tough guy?”

Suggs: “No, he’s alright.”

Radnich: “So it’s Staley.”

Suggs: “You keep narrowing it down.”

Krueger: “So it’s not Boone, it’s not Staley, it’s not Iupati. So we’re down to (Jonathan) Goodwin or Anthony Davis.”

Suggs: “(Laughs) Goodwin’s pretty good.”

Krueger: “There we go! There we go! Rutgers kid’s fake tough.”

It was actually a teammate of Suggs who made the comment Krueger referred to:

Cary Williams fake tough guys

Regardless, Suggs took it to a new level by naming names, and you knew Bam Davis would respond on Twitter (it probably helped that at least one person tweeted Suggs’ comments while mentioning Davis’ Twitter handle so the 49ers’ right tackle would see it in his mentions):

Anthony Davis Terrell Suggs 1

Anthony Davis Terrell Suggs 2

Anthony Davis Terrell Suggs 3

Anthony Davis Terrell Suggs 4Anthony Davis Terrell Suggs 5

Anthony Davis Terrell Suggs 6As far as Twitter rants go, this one doesn’t quite beat out Davis vs. Grant Cohn. However, it was an entertaining sidelight after the day started with a bang with the news that Alex Smith would be traded to the Kansas City Chiefs for a second round pick in 2013 and a conditional third round selection in 2014.

And Davis was right — Suggs didn’t do much of anything in the Super Bowl. He had two quarterback hurries, two tackles and scored a -2.0 according to Pro Football Focus.