Terrelle PryorOn Wednesday’s NFL Total Access, Mike Silver stoked the flames of the Raiders burning quarterback “competition,” saying “Internally, [there is] a lot of skepticism about Terrelle Pryor, who will be their starting quarterback. One force in the organization, however, that shouldn’t be underestimated is ownership. Mark Davis would like to see what Terrelle Pryor can do. Remember: His father Al’s last draft pick ever was Terrelle Pryor.”

This skepticism is a largely shared sentiment among Raiders’ fans. Pryor has been a breath of fresh air in the preseason, yes, but such breaths are shallow and inconsequential. Besides, much of his success came against defenders who are most likely looking for work as I type this. That is not to discount Pryor’s body of work over the past four or so weeks. He’s was, in my opinion, clearly the Raiders best quarterback.

My opinion is apparently not shared by others in the Raiders organization, however, as the prevailing belief is that Pryor has failed to learn the nuances of quarterbacking, most notably the whole running-an-offense thing. “With Pryor,” Silver continued, “it’s been the same issue that it was from his rookie year on: Assimilation of offense, struggling with getting some of the play calls in. Obviously, he can run around and make plays, but in terms of running a cohesive offense, there’s a lot of worry there.”

Instead of Pryor, some within the organization prefer an even more unproven quantity. Said Silver: “They’ve got a rookie free agent named Matt McGloin, believe it or not, that some people believe would give them the best chance to win right now.”

Though this idea has been burning up character limits on Twitter, I never thought I’d be kindled by professional football people (which I presume is who Silver is getting his information from). Judging by the practices I saw and the games we all bore witness to, McGloin is all but ready to lead an NFL team. He’s supremely talented, certainly. But that talent isn’t enough to stifle this quarterback competition. Nor is it enough to direct an offense with major question marks at every position BUT center.

A look at all four quarterbacks’ preseason statistics would seem to confirm this. Though clearly an capable thrower, McGloin has not been as accurate as his competitors, nor has he been nearly as adept with handling pressure — something he’d likely see plenty of were he to take over at quarterback. Below you’ll see a smattering of these statistics, from which you can jump to equal, or opposite, opinions as my own.