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The Giants lose on Dave Dravecky Day…What?!?!

On the strength of great young pitching, a recent power surge and an unfathomable hot streak from their speedy backup outfielder who a few weeks ago was a borderline Major Leaguer at best, we’ve seen the local squad play pretty well since the All-Star Break.

But enough about the A’s.

A baseball season can’t truly be represented by any single game in August, but if one were to argue that the 2009 Dodgers are a better team than the 2009 Giants, tonight’s game would make a fine Exhibit A. And let’s be honest — that isn’t too shocking. The Dodgers’ collective approach at the plate is pretty much the exact same as the Red Sox in 2004 (perhaps not coincidentally); the Giants’ best at-bat this week came from Tim Lincecum on Friday night before Eugenio Velez yanked that home run (which before The Bullpen Meltdown was looking to be my favorite homer of the year).

How could they lose with Dave Dravecky throwing out the first pitch? I am one of probably 150,000 people who claim they saw Dravecky’s comeback game in person 20 years ago, but I swear I was one of the 34,810(?) that were in attendance. From our Upper Box seats, I watched Dravecky throw 7 shutout innings before giving up a 3-run homer to Luis Quinones with two outs in the 8th.

However, Dravecky may not be the good luck charm I was sure he would be when I heard him on Mac and Murph this morning. After all, his arm did pretty much explode in the next game he pitched, and all the Giants did after his injury was ride all that Dravecky momentum to one of the most weirdly awful World Series losses in history.

Yeah, I know I’m going to hell for that last paragraph. I just saw Matt Kemp do eight different handshakes in the Dodgers’ victory line after the Giants hit into their 25th double play in the last four games. Sue me.

Adding insult to injury:

— I didn’t know today’s game was “Bring a Dodger Fan to the Yard Day” at AT&T Park. Or was it “Dodger Heritage Night”? I always get those two promotions confused.

— I know I’m a little late on this since it was over the weekend, but could Kruk and Kuip ease up on Velez a little? Oh heavens, he celebrates a little after home runs! Better buzz his tower!

— I have a hard time getting angry when a guy who’s fighting for his Major League career shows excitement after hitting huge homers to right field. The difference between poverty and generational wealth — some would say it’s pretty substantial. Maybe it’s hard for Kruk and Kuip to relate since they pretty much have lifetime contracts.

— OK, he looked good tonight, but can Travis Ishikawa hit in the mighty AL Central? Hmmm???? Hmmmm???????

— Is it bad that I’m absolutely frightened that the Dodgers haven’t selected a starting pitcher for Wednesday’s game yet? Tim Lincecum would have to pitch a shutout for the Giants to face a Triple-A spot starter, right?

— With the tattoo that Justin Miller sports on his back, it’s a wonder the Giants ever let him pitch against the Dodgers at all. Against all odds, he was actually quite good tonight.

— I’m not insinuating anything, but Orlando Hudson has definitely got some Otis Nixon-type features going on in the ol’ facial region. Maybe there are some behind-the-scenes reasons why Hudson (a .300-hitting Gold Glove second baseman) didn’t get too many contract offers before this season. Um, I mean because he gets injured frequently. Yeah, that’s it.

Baggs was in a funny mood after a decidedly depressing game, poking fun at Jonathan Sanchez, who made only the third putout of his Major League career tonight, and the worst first base umpire in baseball: Bill Hohn. Hopefully Lasorda paid Hohn in cash this time instead of lasagna.

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