Anthony Randolph

The lineup the Giants SHOULD have

Alright, we’re going to keep it light today. ADD time. Or is it ADHD time? Wait, what were we talking about again? Oh yeah, the Giants lineup.

– Bear in mind, this lineup has absolutely zero chance of happening anytime soon. But this is what I want to see tomorrow when the Giants come back to town and Tim Lincecum tries to rise above the ever-looming shadows of Stephen Strasburg and Matt Cain:

1. Torres CF

2. Sanchez 2B

3. Huff 1B

4. Uribe SS

5. Posey C

6. Burrell LF

7. Sandoval 3B

8. Schierholtz RF

Best defensive lineup, best offensive lineup. NO ONE DENIES THIS!!!

– On a related note, nothing like hanging out in a boring post-lunch meeting for 45 minutes only to find out afterward that Guillermo Mota gave up 3 runs in the 8th to lose. I was positive today’s game was going into extra innings. C’mon? Getaway day without a day off? Seemed like as much of a sure thing as the Giants drafting Bruce Bochy’s son.

– Still, it’s hard to stay angry for long with Buster Posey around. Already the best hitter on the team, now we know he has power and like Will Clark, he’s got the right combination of accessibility, charisma, focus, talent and arrogance. Don’t believe that last one? Just watch Posey answer some of the questions Kruk and Kuip toss his way with that, “Wow, I’m going to have to deal with this crap for 15 years” look on his face. You can tell he already feels like he’s above it all, and that is TREMENDOUS news. Because let’s face it: most of the best baseball players are absolute a-holes. Except Ty Cobb. He was just a misunderstood racist/murderer.

– Some say Madison Bumgarner threw that baseball in Eugenio Velez’s general direction after Bumgarner got ejected because he was mad at Velez for dropping an easy pop fly. I say Bumgarner was just starting a new long-toss program.

– Since Chris Berman and I share a last name (no relation, I swear), I recently started calling the Pirates’ closer (and solid contributor for my fantasy team, “Big Mac Wraps”), Octavio “Don’t Ask” Dotel. Don’t know if it’ll catch on around here, though.

– Speaking of awkard jokes, I wonder what Rock, Spade and Schneider think of Sandler forcing Kevin James on them like this? (Probably, “Thank you Mr. Sandler, I could use the work,” actually.)

– Let’s see, they’ll need at least $500 million in private money, tens of thousands that decide it’s a good idea to spend thousands of dollars on PSLs (not likely, as the Bay ain’t exactly Dallas/Ft. Worth) and a stadium plan and construction deal that don’t end up going drastically overbudget. Then, the Niners will be playing in a shiny new stadium in Santa Clara. Um, not holding my breath.

– The answer (which will never happen): rebuild the stadium at Candlestick Point, add a CalTrain hub and a pedestrian bridge over 101, and let the Niners play at Cal’s new Memorial Stadium during the construction.

– Although I love Anthony Randolph, who’s clearly a much better athlete than Kevin Love, you have to admit the Randolph-for-Love scuttlebutt is intriguing for one reason: you absolutely know that if the trade happens, in five years one of the teams who made the deal will be absolutely embarrassed for it. And nobody knows which team that would be.

– Seriously, why doesn’t Comcast just buy KNBR already? It’s almost a joint venture these days as it is.

– (Larry King voice): I don’t know about you, but I’m taking Canada to go all the way in the World Cup.

– I can’t wait for all the people who love hearing themselves talk about how they hate hearing others say that soccer is cool fall in love with Hi-Def soccer during the World Cup. If that makes any sense.

– College football didn’t have a playoff system, but at least they had regional conferences with entrenched rivalries and distinguishable differences in the styles of play. Now they’ll have none of that, but we’ll all get three or four more a-little-too-specific cable channels to compete with the Big 10 Network, MLB Network, NFL, NBA, NHL, Golf, Tennis, CBS College Sports…

– Meanwhile, the NCAA stood up for what’s right when they punished a bunch of USC players who were in Jr. High when all those rules were broken by Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend. Nothing more honorable than amateur sports. Except prostitution and offshore oil drilling, hey-yo!!!

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