Jim Harbaugh didn’t break up any fights on Sunday during the 49ers’ 23-13 win over the Rams, but that doesn’t mean his demeanor wasn’t GIF-worthy by any stretch.

I miss all this stuff whenever I cover a game, because the TVs in the press box are on a delay and I’m doing 10 things at once (translation: I’m spending way too much time on Twitter during games, something I need to work on curtailing). But when I got home that night my wife told me it was another All-Star performance on the sidelines from the San Francisco 49ers head coach. I asked her to prove it, and here’s what she came up with.


Here’s Harbaugh following Adam Snyder’s personal foul penalty in the end zone after Frank Gore’s touchdown, where he looks as if he’s trying to bargain with the officials.

Harbaugh took it pretty well when the officials ignored his pleas to reconsider:

Here’s where we get into some Harbaugh expressions/exclamations. First, you have your standard “C’MON!”

Here’s a pensive, “I probably have some mustard on my face from that halftime hot dog” Harbaugh:

Followed by Sneaky Harbaugh Librarian (my 2014 Halloween costume, so DON’T STEAL IT, JERKS):

And finally, the most familiar face of all: the Harbaugh Grimace:

Linking to that GIF is a perfect way to show just how distasteful something is. Kind of like Tim Lincecum after a baseball hit that poor umpire in the Vernon region. (That reference works after the T.J. McDonald play, right?)