As I mentioned a couple days ago, I took part in the Golden State Warriors’ “Mocking the Draft” feature. Tim Roye talked to announcers from other teams to see who they’ll choose in the first round of the 2012 NBA Draft. Then Roye interviewed KNBR host and former Warrior Tom Tolbert to get who he’d select for the Warriors with the No. 7 pick, as well as four bloggers to see who they’d choose.

If I would’ve followed the instructions more closely, my choice for the Warriors would have been different. In my own mock draft, the players I had coming off the board before the Warriors’ selection were (in order) Anthony Davis, Thomas Robinson, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Harrison Barnes, Andre Drummond and Bradley Beal. However, in Roye’s mock the announcers for the top 6 teams went the same way until pick No. 5, when Scott Howard-Cooper took Beal for the Kings and Blazers broadcaster Brian Wheeler took Damian Lillard for Portland.

Had I been paying closer attention, my preference in that scenario would be for the Warriors to take Drummond, an athletic center with far more potential than Jeremy Tyler. But instead I took Sullinger, which meant I received this tweet from Tolbert:

Maybe so, Tom. Maybe so.

Even though I’m not all that high on Sully because he’ll have a tough time defending power forwards or centers … I still think that’s who the Warriors will end up choosing. Although if Drummond’s available the chance to get a younger version of DeAndre Jordan (Drummond averaged 2.7 bpg in his freshman year at UConn) might be too tempting for Bob Myers and Co. We’ll see.

If you want to check out who everyone picked (and by “everyone” I mean Tolbert, Adam Lauridsen of GSW Fastbreak, Rasheed Malek of Warriorsworld, Richard Twu of Golden State of Mind, and myself), you can check out our conversations with Roye here.