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The Ultimate Super Bowl Party

It’s that day that only comes once a year – Super Bowl Sunday! Now, let’s see who is playing this year – the Steelers and the Cardinals. Whatever. But just because I couldn’t care less about who is playing or the fact that I am extremely disappointed that I can no longer call this year’s Superbowl “The Battle of the Birds” (thanks a lot Ravens) doesn’t mean that I can’t talk about how to throw an awesome Super Bowl party. After all, don’t most of us watch the game to see the ads? Just kidding BASG! So for this Sunday, here are all of the key elements that will make your party the big Super Bowl winner.

Yummy Greasy Food
Super Bowl Sunday is that one day in the year other than Christmas and/or Thanksgiving when calories, fat and all that delicious greasiness doesn’t really count. Here are the staples that must be displayed in all of their glory on your coffee table in front of the TV:

– Nachos – tortilla chips, chopped up onion, beef, Mexican cheese, oven at 375 (bake for around 10 min or so) and then you’ve got some tasty easy nachos for your guests. For a little extra fun, feel free to make some tasty guacamole.

– The BASG Cheese Quesadilla – Yes, this is BASG’s famous quesadilla recipe. Until I met him, I had been microwaving (ugh, I know) my quesadillas. Heat about 2 tablespoons of peanut oil in a medium sauce pan. Prep your ‘dilla – add about ½ cup of Mexican cheese, some diced red onions and slug slime. Once the peanut oil is hot, place your quesadilla in the pan. Cook on low-med heat 3 min per side or until tortilla is golden brown and the cheese is melty. Eat with salsa.

– My Dad’s Chili Con Queso – A dish from my Texan heritage – this is the type of dip that compliments any chip at your table, although it tastes best with Fritos Scoops. Cook ½ lb of ground beef and drain all the fat. Then add one can of Hormel’s chili (very important that it has NO beans – my Dad says beans ruin most dishes) and mix it up. Melt 1/3 block of Velveeta cheese. Add the ground beef and chili to the melted cheese and stir. Add the picante sauce and other ingredients to your taste.

– Wings – They’re always at the party but I don’t know of anyone who really makes them at home. They just kind of show up. For those of you, like me who believes the wing-making is a mystery, here’s a great recipe to try yourself. Otherwise, in the true spirit of not making your own wings, check out Original Buffalo Wings which has locations all over the Bay Area and great reviews on Yelp. And for those veggies out there, I highly recommend the Morning Star Buffalo Wings. Even your meat eating friends will have trouble telling the difference (except a big clue is that the veggie ones don’t have a bone).

Beer, beer, beer and some jello shots!

Do NOT drink nice wine at your Super Bowl party. It just doesn’t pair well with dishes like chili con queso. For a large party, your best bet is to get a keg of a beer that most people like. If BASG is coming to your party, don’t get a keg of Fat Tire (he believes it’s overrated). And for those of you who have never gotten a keg before, here is a funny video from Chow to show you how to not tap the keg all wrong. To take that party to the next level, you’ll want to make some of my own famous jello shots. These jello shots have gone to many Super Bowl parties and have caused one guy to put his own head through his own living room wall (I have no idea why he did this), and another guy to plan a compulsive trip to Costa Rica after watching his Patriots lose last year. As you can see, results vary but here are the recipes so you can see for yourself:

– SGL Vodka Shots – Large cherry jello box (or pick a flavor that you like). Use medium quality vodka – doesn’t have to be the best vodka but to avoid headaches invest a little money in the vodka you use. Put the vodka in the freezer for at least 2 hours before you make the jello shots. Boil 2 cups of water. Once boiled, pour water into a large bowl with jello mix. Once jello mixture has cooled down, add 1½ cups of cold vodka. Spoon out jello mixture into individual cups. I like these because they make it easier to stack the shots in the fridge. Keep in fridge until jello has set (around 5 hours).

– SGL Mimosa Shots – These ones are always popular because the bubbles set into the jello and create a tingly shot when eaten. Get a large box of orange jello (or strawberry). Use at least a $12 bottle of sparkling wine to avoid headaches. Put sparkling wine in fridge at least 2 hours before use. Boil 2 cups of water. Once boiled, pour water into large bowl with jello mix. Once jello mixture has cooled down, add 3 cups of cold sparkling wine. I’ve tried this before, and yes, it does solidify with all the sparkling wine called for. Spoon out jello mixture into individual cups. Keep in fridge until jello has set (around 5 hours). Drink excess champagne immediately.

I’m lazy and don’t want to throw a party

Nothing wrong with that. You’ll have a lot of options as a lot of people do throw parties. Call some of your friends up and make it happen. If you’d rather go to a bar to be with some of the hardcore fans in the area, here are some options:

Giordano Bros, San Francisco – The place to be if you’re a Steelers fan. They also have these amazing all-in-one sandwiches which I guess people in Pittsburgh eat a lot.

Pittsburgh’s Pub, San Francisco – The name says it all.

Overtime Sports Bar & Grill, San Francisco – According to Yelp, this is where Arizona fans are meeting up.

Dan’s, Walnut Creek – A neutral location – you might even see Huston Street there!

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