Andris Biedrins

The Warriors: a better time out than you think

The Warriors have a chance to make the playoffs.

What was that, you say? The Warriors are a team with just as many legitimate NBA players as D-Leaguers? Their best player ran his moped into a Buick LeSabre in Mississippi and tore up his ankle?

I just can’t get too bummed about a team that has Andris Biedrins, Stephen Jackson, Kelenna Azubuike and hope for a healthy Monta.

Oh, and the fact that Donny Walsh still works in the NBA.

What does Walsh have to do with the Warriors? Not much, except he’s had an absolute man-crush on Al Harrington for going on a decade, and Harrington is in full “trade me now or else I’m gonna tank this season even worse than I already am” mode. By all accounts Harrington’s a great guy, but he’s pretty much given two middle fingers to the Warriors this season. Don’t believe me? Let’s see how if Harrington’s doing on the disgruntled NBA player trifecta:

1. Played up the fact that he worked hard during the offseason, but somehow has shown no improvement or even regressed? Check.

2. Asked for a trade midseason? Check (extra points for making trade request before the season’s fifth game).

3. Agent coming up with phony injuries? Checkmate.

At least Harrington finally found a three-point play he could easily convert. In any other league a player like this would be unmovable, but in the NBA he’s that much more attractive. Now he’s a delicate genius, a player whose true potential is only waiting to be unlocked in an open offense, like trying to save a bad marriage by buying a new house with an open floor plan.

Whatever. If Harrington’s antics help the Warriors acquire David Lee, it’s all worth it.

Even if they don’t, the Warriors have plenty of scorers once Monta gets back. Don Nelson has resigned himself to playing Brandan Wright and Anthony Randolph, which bodes well for the future, and if anybody can put together a team full of mismatched, lanky scorers, it’s Nellie.

And have you checked out the West lately? The Lakers, Jazz, Rockets, Hornets and Suns are making the playoffs. San Antonio will get in if Manu Ginobili comes back in time from ankle surgery (Sound familiar? Well, except for the fact that Manu’s injury came from playoff and Olympic basketball, while Monta’s boo-boo came from getting silly on the official vehicle of San Francisco businesswomen). Everything else is up in the air.

See, it’s not so bad. And yes, I admit it’s easier to say that after realizing after tonight that Randolph is already better at 19 than Marco Belinelli will ever be.

What’s that, you say? Robert Rowell is pushing Chris Mullin out the door by firing his right hand man? Monta Ellis is so pissed at the Warriors that he’s been pretty much M.I.A. since the 30-game suspension, leading Nelson to say, “I don’t really know where he is,” on his KNBR radio show?

Hey, don’t blame me for looking at the bright side for once. At least the Warriors have won a couple games, which is more than their biggest (and only) rival the Clippers can say. Enjoy playing with Ricky Davis, Baron!

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