Here’s your chance to prove it. After we asked you to name your favorite sports talk host currently working for KNBR and 95.7 FM “The Game,” it’s time to give someone a (pretend) shot at a full-time hosting gig.

In today’s edition of comment-to-win, here’s a question that demands a little more imagination. But I’m sure you’re up to it…

Question: Of any potential sports talk personality who isn’t currently hosting full-time, who would you give a hosting job? 

The person you choose could work for either station, either as a solo act or with a co-host. Maybe he or she works as a fill-in host or update person right now, or your dream host could be a guest you like and want to hear more of. Maybe your choice is someone who we’d never expect to hear as a local sports talk host.

Feel free to make up your own dream pairing — Bill Romanowski could join Tom Tolbert for a new show called “The Romo and Mr. T”!

(I’m totally kidding about that idea, by the way. Whenever I hear Romo’s voice I react like a labrador retriever when someone blows a dog whistle.)

This is a part of our daily sports talk radio question series this week. Two commenters from the posts will be chosen at random to win a 10-person Pizza Party, courtesy of Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria. Good luck!

P.S. Damon Bruce mentioned in the first hour of his Wednesday show that Larry Krueger complained to him about how Bruce is getting so much more love in the KNBR “favorite host” poll than he and/or Gary Radnich. If you needed proof that people in the industry are paying attention, there you go.